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First tip, and probably the most important tip… YOU NEED A PLANNER! Even if you think you do not or you never have needed one before, you will need one. It is a completely different dynamic when you are not seeing professors every day and they are not reminding you of an assignment that is coming up. Also, for some people that are doing a hybrid learning schedule, you can use that planner to write down the days of the week you are actually supposed to show up to class.

My First Fav…

Currently, I have been loving a blue, water-like planner from Journaltastic. It has a super cute design as well as some inspiration inside. I also love the spacing for all the stuff I need to do each week, and specifically what my priorities are for the week.


Find the planner here: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B085W4ND3N/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Number Two…

Secondly, I think you definitely need a good notebook and good pen. For me, I have always struggled to keep my notes organized. I recently switched to taking notes on my iPad, which I have been loving. I can have a million different color and style writing tools, as well as keep all my class notes in one very organized place.


Currently, I have been using the iPad Air 2 with a stylus. I am thinking about upgrading to the Apple Pencil soon, but maybe some of you will share your thoughts with me on that.

Number Three Is…

The third thing that I have recently decided is a need is a good water bottle. It is so important to stay hydrated, especially if you are not moving around too much and just hanging on your couch. It is important to have a reusable bottle because it is better for the environment. Also, I think I drink more water when it is from a cute container because, well, it is cute!


I love the BKR bottles! It is so awesome that they are made of glass because they last longer, and they don’t have any chemicals that can release into your water like some plastics do.


With Three Comes Four…

Fourth, and more importantly that it’s fourth-place spot on my list, is a study area or room. This is literally critical. You need to be able to sit somewhere with a desk or a table and do your work uninterrupted. It is so important to find a space where you are living and set it up the way that is best for you to study with good lighting and comfortable seating. This will definitely make or break your online experience.


I am loving moving around as the day goes by. I am fortunate to have a few quiet places I can take advantage of. Normally, as the sun moves, so do I. I also enjoy when I can sit near my cats, so that is also a factor in my location for the day.

And last but certainly not least, I like to have some daily inspiration to help me get through my day. Whether I am reading a few powerful quotes or listening to a few of my favorite songs, I find that little bit of power and positivity I give myself really helps me to push through whatever the day may bring. It is really easy to find online or on apps, like Instagram or Pinterest, or even just in books.


Overall, during these new and trying times, we need to make sure we are checking in with ourselves and those around us. It is so important to take a little bit of time out of your day or week to just make sure you are doing okay and maybe even do something nice or treat yourself. You are so loved. Happy back to school!

Hi! My name is Rebecca Carmeli-Peslak. I am currently a senior at Purdue University majoring in Agricultural Communications. I am from New Jersey and enjoy spending time at the beach, cooking, baking, and with my friends. Currently, I am the Vice President of Administration for Delta Delta Delta, a Peer Mentor for the DRC, a Sighted Guide for the visually impaired through the DRC and a volunteer for Almost Home Humane Society. This semester, I am so excited to be a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus and cannot wait to see how Leslie and I work together to better the chapter!
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