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Feeling Homesick? You’re Not Alone

Going into my junior year of college, I never imagined I would have such a hard time leaving home. Saying goodbyes to my parents this year crushed me. But why? Why was it harder to leave home than it was freshman year? 

Well first, I was home for an extra 160 days this year. Covid-19 forced us out of our dorm rooms this past spring and we had to finish our semesters online. This was on top of not being able to leave our houses except for the occasional grocery store run. At least me personally, I lived in fear. Not so much of the virus, but what it was doing to the rest of the world. My sister lost her job and I worried about her. My mom has an autoimmune disorder, I didn't want to bring anything home to her. I was so nervous all the time that I think it put my mind in a new place. I became more attached to my home than ever before. But I didn't realize it until I left. 

When I pulled onto campus, I wasn't excited like I thought I would be. I didn't sleep that first night. I sobbed when my parents left the next day. But if anyone in my life could tell you about me, I never act like this. I'm usually pretty positive. I have been struggling with the idea that I won't be home until the end of November, which is a thought that never used to phase me. But I went into this new normal of school thinking I'd be okay as long as I follow our campus procedures. I never even thought about my mental health-how that could suffer just as much as my physical health if I don't wear my mask. 

I want you to know that it is okay to be homesick. And to tell your parents you are. My parents understood how I'm feeling when I told them, but they told me to keep my head high as it will get easier. And they're usually right. If you are having a hard time transitioning into this new way of going to school, you are not alone. Just remember that things will improve as long as we're smart and cautious. If you feel sad don't feel bad for taking some time for yourself. Call your mom, sibling, best friend, or anyone. Watch your favorite movie or maybe even cry. Homesickness is something so many experience but remember that every day is a new day and you can conquer anything that comes your way. 

Good luck, and remember to smile today:)

Leslie is a current senior at Purdue University looking to major in industrial management engineering. She discovered Her Campus through her sisters, who had been apart of it when they were in college. She enjoys dancing, singing, cooking and traveling.
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