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A Day in the Life of a PR and Advertising Major


            Before coming to college, I was dead set on doing some kind of form of communication. I started as a Mass Communication major and learned quickly it wasn’t what I thought it was. After Christmas break, I changed my major to PR and Advertising and have never regretted my choice since.


            Being a PR and Advertising major entails a lot: analytics, social media, videography, writing, new releases, etc.! My favorite aspect about this major is how wide of a range there is. You can do so much with this degree that there is a very small chance you won’t find a job out of college. Social Media is one of my favorite parts about PR and Advertising; you get to be the voice of the company. With social media there are different aspects: commenting, build out, and graphic design. Personally, I enjoy the graphic design aspect the most! Some apps I use for graphic design are Canva and Adobe Spark Post.


            If you are looking at going into PR and Advertising, I highly recommend getting some kind of real-world experience before graduating. At Purdue, there is a class called Boiler Communication (COM 49101) that offers you just that! Employers in this field want to see what experience you have before hoping into it after graduating. 


            PR and Advertising is both a highly creative and highly analytical career path. You have many options when choosing this major and having experience in each category helps enhance your skills more. By having real world experience, you are sure to get a job right out of college. If you are thinking about trying this major out, I highly recommend it!

Ava Smith

Purdue '23

Hello! My name is Ava Smith. I am a junior studying Advertising and Film Studies. I am from a suburb of Chicago called St. Charles and enjoy all the wonderful parks it has to offer. My hobbies consist of writing, filmmaking, and spontaneous adventures with friends. Currently, I am a digital coordinator and Videographer in Boiler Communication and Social Media Moguel at the Hub on State Street. This is my second year being involved in Her Campus and I am so excited about all the new memories and opportunities I will make this year and for years to come!
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