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Corgi Limbo and Costume Contest

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Purdue chapter.

Calling all corgi lovers from all corners of the Midwest. On April 14th at 1 pm at IUPUI’s Carroll Stadium in Indianapolis, the first annual Indy Corgi Limbo and Costume Contest. The proceeds from the contest go towards the Give Hope, Fight Poverty campaign to help fund educational scholarships for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in rural Swaziland, South Africa. Tune in Tuesday, April 9th at 10 a.m to Wish Tv’s Indy Style for a mini costume contest as a sneak preview for the event. If you want your corgi on TV there’s a couple of spots still open so go check out the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/events/306566706643303/). We were able to ask the people responsible for the event, the Give Hope, Fight Poverty Chapter at IUPUI some questions about the event. Read them below:

1. What gave you the idea of the Corgi Limbo and Costume Contest?

We saw how successful and FUN the Purdue Corgi Race was, so we wanted to expand that idea and bring it to Indianapolis (with the help of Sage Archer, the founder of this event!). It’s for such a great cause, and is super fun. We think it’s an event to be shared with all of Indiana!

2. How many corgis do you have signed up to compete?

So far we have 6, and we are looking for more!

3.  What makes this different from the Purdue Corgi Race?

Ours is different in that we are doing a limbo contest in addition to the costume contest, and it is not a race. It’s at IUPUI’s Carroll Stadium in Indianapolis on April 14th at 1 p.m!

4.  Where does the money raised from the event go towards?

All proceeds go to Give Hope, Fight Poverty (ifightpoverty.org) to help fund educational scholarships for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in rural Swaziland, South Africa.

5.  Where can tickets to the corgi race be purchased?

Visit http://www.ifightpoverty.org/indy-corgi-limbo.html or look up Give Hope, Fight Poverty on Facebook!

6. Are there different ways for people to get involved?

Yes! We are currently doing donation drives (clothes, shoes, & books) for Give Hope, Fight Poverty in a couple different areas around Indiana (Purdue & IUPUI). There’s also multiple trips you can go on this year to experience the country of Swaziland for yourself. Check out our Facebook or website for more info about these and our other needs!

7. Will there be anything available for people to buy at the event? 

Fresh Pop’D Popcorn Company will be selling popcorn and fresh lemonade. Also, be sure

sure to bring some extra change. The costume contest winners will be decided by YOU. You will cast your vote on your favorite costumes by donating money to your favorite corgi’s box! The winning Corgi will of course get a prize! We also have prizes for the spectators. We have some great partners like the Indianapolis Colts, Indianapolis Indians, and Holiday World!

We are super pumped and can’t wait for the event next week. Don’t forget to tune in to Wish Tv’s Indy Style April 9th! Tickets can still be purchased so get yours today.


Pictures from: https://www.purdueexponent.org/gallery/collection_aeac1a28-c7e3-11e7-9c4d-73ebb6f51a08.html#12 and Kevin Liu

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