The Broke College Student's Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone loves the holidays, right? It’s full of food, friends, family, and presents. Sure presents are great when you’re the one receiving them but, not so much when you’re a college student trying to purchase them. I really do love gift giving but, when I can barely afford delivery pizza how am I really going to get anyone a gift?

That’s when I decided to search for the best gifts, for the best prices. And I searched for everyone. Mom, dad, friends, boyfriend, you name it. And now I’ve compiled all these gift ideas into a list for all of you.


  1. Face Masks

A perfect gift for anyone you know who loves skin care. Honestly, I love getting face masks I always can use one, yakno? And at only $3 you can even get a few different masks to make into a little basket. I like this brand sold at target.

2. Gift Card

There really is no simpler gift than this. Gift cards are something that is good for everyone and requires no work. $5 Starbucks gift cards are one of my favorites to give and receive! I’m always happy to have a cup of coffee paid for.

3. Mini Makeup Kits

Although Sephora can be pricey they do a great job of having affordable holiday gifts. They even have a section on their website currently that is “Gifts $25 and Under.” And did I mention that the packaging is so fricken cute?! Literally that alone makes me want to buy it.

4. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are a gift that anyone will use. Even people who don’t drink coffee can find some purpose for a coffee mug. Try stores like Tj Maxx or 5 Below to find super cheap coffee mugs for everyone!

5. Socks

Socks are oddly something you can never have too much of. Whether it’s fuzzy Christmas socks or funny ones, there are cheap socks that everyone will like. Target is a personal favorite of mine to get socks for everyone.

6. Candles

Everyone likes candles, it’s simply a fact of life. Well maybe not, but candles are a pretty cheap and useful gift. Walmart and Tj Maxx both have a large selection of reasonably priced candles. This candle is one I just bought myself.

My final tip is to keep an eye out for sales during the holiday season. Now more than ever there will be sales. Remember that the holiday season isn’t about how much you spend either, it’s about the thought. Happy Holidays!