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Brittany’s Beauty Blog: Holiday Makeup: ‘Tis the Season!

Gorgeous, red-hot lips and shimmery eyes can make a bold statement!  So what products should you look for this season?

1. Red Lips

There is nothing hotter than fire-engine red lips. If you have never tried red lipstick, it’s important to get the right hue for your skin. Try out a couple different shades from the dollar store first, just to see whether the hue compliments your skin tone or not. After, purchase your favorite lipstick (I suggest MAC ‘Red’ Lipstick, $14.50). It is important to line your lips when using red lipstick. Red is a bright, opaque color and will be difficult to rid off any other area of your face. If you don’t own a liner, I suggest getting a small brush, and painting the color on. Add a shimmer gloss for a little flair!

2. Shimmer Eye Shadow

There is no better way to make your eyes sparkle and look wider than with a shimmery eye shadow. These shimmers are great because they can go over your eye shadow, be worn alone, or used as highlighters on your brown bone and in the corner of your eyes. For darker shimmers, add more effect by placing below eyeliner on the lower lid. A great shimmer eye shadow (and a personal favorite of mine!) to start out with is Victoria Secret ‘Shimmer Eye Shadow-Sparkle’ in ‘Lose Control’, $12.50.

3. Primer

I know what you may be thinking: “Primer can’t be seen, so how is this holiday makeup?” Primer is an absolute must during the holiday season. Think of all the family events and holiday parties you attend. The last thing on your mind should be if your makeup is still in place. Primers allow you to forget this worry by providing a beautiful base that diminishes the look of pores, making foundation go on seamlessly and, most importantly, making your makeup last.  My suggestion is to put on your favorite face lotion (mine is Garnier ‘Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV Lotion SPF 15 $7.99) let it set and then put your primer in place. My best recommendation is Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer $36). Once you try this you will never go without primer again!
Whether it’s red lips, shimmery eyes, or a flawless complexion, there are endless ways to look beautiful on the holidays. Don’t be afraid to test out products you usually wouldn’t. The holidays are a perfect time to try out these colorful options!
Brittany Cole
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