A (Breakup) Letter to Winter

Dear Winter, 

While we have had a lot of time together these past three months, I am ready to part ways with you. This past winter feels like it was the roughest of my life. Growing up in Northwest Indiana had me tricked into thinking I had thick skin and was well adjusted to the bitter colds. This past season has made me realize that these thoughts were incorrect. While this winter did not have a heavy accumulation of snow, it seemed to just drag on.

My trips to warmer weather might have made you seem even longer since I had a taste of what shorts weather felt like. Coming back from these vacations was such a shock, going from sand to snow. After returning I would often hibernate in my warm sheets. I cannot wait to move to a region that has no snow and mild winters.

Along with taking warm vacations, you have been teasing with us for weeks. It felt like every week we would get a day that was warm enough for a light jacket before freezing over again. This awful cycle wreaked havoc not only on my closet but also on my immune system. Humans are not used to going from warm weather to thirty degrees and stormy all in a span of one week.

I look forward to when you are gone and the temperature steadily increases, since I am done with this seasonal roller coaster ride.


A Lover of Spring