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Breakfast 101: Overnight Oats

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Sometimes I’m tired of having smoothies for my breakfast every-day and I like to make overnight oats to change my boring breakfast routine. Not only will it fill me up, but its chewy texture also gives me a better idea that I am having an actual breakfast than just a nutritious drink. Oatmeal is also a great healthy “snack” that I recommend eating if you are hungry or want a light lunch after class. Below are ideas on how to enhance your overnight oats:

  1. Kiwi

I would recommend using an almost ripened kiwi. A ripe kiwi has a soft pulp and a natural sweetness. If you add it to your overnight oats, and you like a jelly- like texture, kiwi could make the cup rigid. And another texture could be provided.

  • Flax seeds

Similar as chia seeds, flax seeds not only contain somega-3 fats, but it also contains significantly more manganese, cooper, and potassium than a chia seed. I have been using flax seeds for most of the overnight oats.

  • Blueberries

Their tiny little round body is obviously the perfect bit size. Their sweet but freshy taste matches with the blended banana (with the overnight oats) the most!

  • Mixed nuts

Adding almonds, peanuts cashews, walnuts, or pecans could balance the entire jelly-like texture of the cups. After freezing the cup overnight, its ingredients are usually softened. It will produce a richer texture.   

  • Yogurt

Adding one to two spoonsful of yogurt could smoothen your overnight oats. It neither diminishes the flavors of the other ingredients or making the oats runny. Here, I recommend using a vanilla flavor.

Wheat biscuit or

  • Wheat biscuit or Honey Granola Bar

Again, as the whole cup of instant oatmeal has been solidified into a soft form after a night, only the crunchy granola bar or the nuts added on top will bring up the texture. Also, they will fill you up more if you don’t feel full enough after having fruits and oats!

The amount of the ingredients listed above is adjustable and depends on what you would like to add. But here are ingredients that I think could increase the overnight oats to perfection. You will soon crave overnight oats for breakfast every morning!

Further overnight recipes are linked below! 





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