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Best Nail Colors for Fall

It’s that time of year again when all the nudes, oranges, and deep reds are back. This is one of the best seasons because there is so much room to explore your favorite Fall colors, starting with the best nail colors for the season. At my nail appointment last week, I was not sure at all what color I wanted to get on my nails. I looked on Pinterest and online and couldn’t find anything. So, I’m giving you guys some awesome Fall color inspiration that will have you fitting right in with this season’s colors.


I really decided to mix it up this time around when I traded in my black nails for a sparkly light brown as shown below. Mine were very similar to the color in the image, but my nails had a little tint of purple in them. This color fits so well with the deep nudes that Fall brings out. So far, I have loved this color way more than I expected!

The next color that has been super popular is soft red. This color is perfect for Fall and into Winter because the red is not so vibrant and harsh but still ties in the orange/red look that a lot of girls look for in nail colors. I would definitely be interested in checking out this color when I get my nails done before Thanksgiving!

The last color I’ll share with you guys is a light nude color, sand. Sand works really well in the Fall because it is such a soft, yet colorful tone for your nails. I think a lot of women shy aware from colors as light as this because sometimes in can blend in with your skin tones, but it really is a nice neutral, subtle color that will shock you with how gorgeous it looks on your nails.

Fall has some of the best color pallets from nudes and browns to oranges and reds. I encourage you guys to explore a new color next time you go to the nail salon and embrace all the amazing colors while you can!



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