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The Best Electives I’ve Taken at Purdue

I haven’t been on campus for very long, with my freshman year getting cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic and me staying at home for fall semester of my sophomore year. Despite this, I’ve taken a fair share of fun classes here that have made my time at Purdue all the more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a fun class to fill up some time in your schedule, here are some of my suggestions:

Bowling (PES 115)

I took bowling in my freshman year, and it was honestly a really great way to relieve some stress and have fun! There is a fee to cover using the facility, but it’s definitely worth it! The professor is extremely nice and fun to talk to, and you get to spend time learning something enjoyable. I improved a lot more than I expected to in this class, having never really bowled beforehand. It’s a super fun hobby to learn, and you can flex your bowling skills on all your friends (and maybe dates hehe) later on!

Introduction to Asian American Studies (ASAM 240)

ASAM 240 is the only class I’ve taken on the history of minority groups in America, and it’s been an eye-opening class for me. I’ve loved every bit of learning about Asian American history, and the environment that the professor and TA fostered for our class was absolutely amazing; it’s so refreshing to have a safe space to talk about the state of the world in a class with peers and faculty. I would honestly recommend taking any educational class on minority groups and communities, they’re extremely impactful and important and I can already tell you that ASAM 240 will be one of the most memorable classes I take during my time here!

Food, Culture, and Health (ANTH 212)

I’m taking ANTH 212 currently, and it’s one of the more fun classes I’ve taken so far. Learning about nutritional anthropology is a lot more interesting than I initially thought it would be if I’m honest, but it’s been interesting to see how food plays such a big factor into our culture, medicine, diets, etc. and comparing that to the meaning of food in other cultures and countries. It’s a class that helps you really reflect on what you’re putting into your body, and I’d highly recommend it for anyone that’s interested in personal health!

I’m still on the hunt for more fun classes to take before I graduate, but these are my top 3 so far! I’ve had a great time in all of them so far, and I think that if you were to give any of them a try, you would love it just as much as I did! Purdue has a lot of great classes that aren’t very well known, but they’re so worth it!

Hi! I'm Michelle, a senior at Purdue University studying Brain and Behavioral Sciences with a minor in Management. I'm from Orange County in sunny SoCal. Some of my hobbies include golfing, journaling, and singing!
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