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I fight the battle every day with this common question—What’s the right decision? Every
decision we make, big or small, has some sort of impact on ourselves and the people around us.
This makes it daunting to find the solution because we feel responsible for everything that may
or may not happen.

That is where we are all wrong.

We are NOT responsible for everything. Think about it… just that sentence alone sounds silly!
We are only one human. We acknowledge that in the decision-making process through our
indecisiveness; therefore, it is only fair that we as individuals acknowledge the limitations we
personally have on the response of our surrounding environments. The takeaway is not the idea
that happiness cannot be universal, rather that every individual is responsible for their own
happiness. We know that we cannot rely on others for our happiness: so why would we expect
others to rely on us?

When the line between selflessness and selfishness is blurry, it can be hard not to
overcompensate for any damage that may be done. This leaves individuals with more damage to
themselves than ever necessary in the first place—digging yourself a hole. You are your number
one fan, and you are rooting for a happy, successful life. Do not set yourself to so high of a
standard that you end up bogged down. Take a step back & examine the situation you find
yourself stuck in. Selfish individuals do not weigh the outcome of others when making decisions,
which proves a humanistic perspective from the indecisiveness in the first place. Odds are if you
are struggling with decision-making, you fall into this category of indecisiveness as a response of
selflessness: which is nothing to beat yourself up for! If anything, this proves a nurturing persona
because you are catering to the emotional responses of those around you.

You have heard it before, but you must do what is best for you. Everyone else is looking out for
themselves. If you are solely seeking out for them as well, what does that leave you with? You
must give yourself the opportunity to become the best version of yourself and not let outside
influences sway you away from the decisions that need to be made to get there.

(she/her/hers) Junior @ Purdue University with a major in Hospitality & Tourism Management and a double minor in Event Planning & Meeting Management and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies As a part of Her Campus, my goal for this organization is to give women something to resonate with. Through content on all aspects of a collegiate woman's life, my contributions to Her Campus will help further build a safe, fun, & welcoming foundation for women everywhere.
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