Ag Week is Here so Look Out For Cows

As a university that is deeply rooted in agriculture, it's no surprise that Ag Week is a thing. Ag Week works to create a space where everyone can learn more about agriculture and what we should know as consumers. There are a lot of things to look forward to this time of year including the cute animals like goats from the Purdue Goat Club and moo moos also known as cows from the Dairy Club that come and hang out on Memorial Mall. Also they have free burgers on Thursday, which is perfect for anyone on campus who needs a lunch break. 

Ag Week goes beyond Purdue in many ways such as the Hammer Down for Hunger event on Tuesday where students can help pack 150,000 meal. It's a great way to give back and help fight against hunger. There are alot of open spots still, so go check it out and sign up here:

Ag Week helps me realize how much I love being at a school that celebrates agriculture and why being aware and educated about where our food comes from is important.