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7 Natural Skincare Ingredients That Will Change Your Skin For The Better

Even though I most definitely do not have perfect skin I love geeking out over skincare ingredients between study sessions. Here I have listed superhero ingredients with product recommendations to help you navigate your way through the endless options in the skincare aisles!

*Disclaimer: These are based on my own opinions and experience with products I’ve tried. I understand everyone’s skin is different, this is just a little guide!


More commonly known as Cica, this is a great moisturizing and skin-soothing ingredient that will help repair a compromised skin barrier. So, if you have inflammation, redness or just irritated skin go with a product like this!


When you have oily, sensitive, dehydrated and acne prone skin like I do, it feels like none of the products out there work. I mean it really can’t get much worse. But Mugwort is an ingredient that unclogs the pores and clarifies the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. So, skip those drying clay masks and go for this one instead!

Green Tea

This antioxidant filled ingredient will help you get rid of those pesky pimples as well as fungal acne by lowering sebum production which is usually the cause of clogged pores. It’s great for oily skin but it can be a little drying if you have dry skin. Plus, it is great for anti-ageing as well!


It is soothing, it is anti-bacterial, it is moisturizing, it is AMAZING! No matter what your skin type is everyone can benefit from this one since it acts as a humectant and is very close to the skin’s natural pH.


Got an uneven skin tone? This food staple is here to fix it. It works by deeply nourishing and brightening the skin while boosting skin’s natural collagen production. It also helps calms down redness and irritated skin.


Now if you have acne marks or hyperpigmentation, this is the one for you! It’s basically like a more stable and fuss free alternative to Vitamin C. I heard about this ingredient for the first time from one of my favorite Youtubers – Liah Yoo who you probably know about if you’re really into skincare. This oil is not very heavy but it’s not light either and it is scientifically proven to help with skin rejuvenation. And if this wasn’t enough already, it is also filled with antioxidants and is antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.


You probably know about this one if you have been looking into using retinols as it is often compared to it since it delivers the same results without sensitizing your skin. It will help significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and the likes while hydrating your skin.

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