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5 Things I Plan on Doing the First Week of Summer

As the end of the semester comes to an end and finals approaches, I know most of us can’t help but dream of the warm summer days to come. I have not gone a day without thinking about the many things that I can’t wait to do the second that I get home. So naturally, I would love to share five activities I have been pining to do to get my summer started, in order to inspire you to think about things you would like to do to jumpstart your summer.

Trader Joe’s Run

Although I love Purdue, the only drawback of being in West Lafayette is that the nearest Trader Joe’s is an hour away. So when I say that I have been dreaming of the day that I can step into a Trader Joe’s, I am not kidding. I love cooking, so I am excited to pick up groceries so that I can make all the recipes that I have been saving in my TikTok likes and Pinterest boards. If you enjoy cooking, I encourage you to plan out some meals you would like to experiment with this summer.

Evening Drives

Ah, there is nothing like hopping in the car, putting on your favorite playlist, rolling down the windows, and going for a drive on a warm evening. Personally, this is one of the most relaxing activities to engage in when I have access to a car. I love hitting up some of my favorite spots in my hometown and enjoying the comfortability of being home. If you have any backroads near your hometown, I suggest driving down those open roads blasting your favorite music. Let yourself have a main character moment!

Ruin My Sleep Schedule

Now I know all our parents are rolling our eyes, but hey, summer is the only time we get to stay up late and sleep in with no consequences. So, take advantage of it! It’s okay to sometimes stay up to binge Netflix or to take a couple naps during the day. Allow yourself to relax and have lazy days because it’s important to rest your brain and not overexert yourself.

Shop Till I Drop!

Summertime calls for a new summer wardrobe and some fun summer knickknacks! So, I will be taking a visit to my local Target, thrift stores, and other hometown favorites. Grab some friends and family and go on a shopping day.

Set Goals for My Summer

While a lot of the activities I have mentioned are meant to help myself relax, it’s very important that I set plans for my summer. I want to make sure that I make the most out of my summer vacation.  I do want to spend much time giving myself a break, but I also know that I will be working for my internship, planning for the next school year, and spending time upskilling. Make sure that you find a comfortable routine between work and relaxation.

It’s almost time to enjoy the warm weather and minimal obligations! I know it can be easy to revert to summer mode while school is getting intense. However, it’s important to finish school strong. It will make your summer activities that much more enjoyable!

Shanise Buford is a junior at Purdue studying Finance with a concentration in Data Analytics. Originally, she is from Plainfield, IL. In her free time, she enjoys thrift shopping, exploring new coffee shops, cooking for friends and family, and going for walks.
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