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behind the blinds

If you’re like me and are completely obsessed with the lives of celebrities, this is the perfect podcast for you because the hosts – Troy and Kelli – talk about all the dirt that celebs try to hide from the public and just how rotten everyone in Hollywood is behind the scenes.

anything goes with emma chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is honestly one of my favorite people on the planet. Her podcast is great because, just like her videos, she talks about all sides of being an influencer. Not just the part that everyone sees and envies. One thing I love about this podcast is the way she opens about being in her twenties, still having absolutely no idea what she is doing with her life. This is something I can really relate to, and it makes me feel not as alone with my thought process about life and adulting.

unfiltered with zane and heath

This is just a feel-good podcast that you can turn on while you are driving, cleaning, etc. The hosts of this podcast are Zane, Heath, Matt, and Mariah from the vlog squad. These four have great chemistry and good guests and they do not really take anything too serious, so I feel like this podcast is great for when you just need a laugh.

celebrities memoir book club

I am someone who loves reading but personally hates reading celebrity memoirs because I feel like it is filled with a bunch of nothing before they get to the point of why they are writing the memoir (you would be amazed at how many past contestants of the Bachelor Franchise have memoirs). This podcast is one of my favorites because the two hosts, Claire and Ashley, break down the important parts of the memoir chapter by chapter and completely roast the irrelevant parts.

movies that raised us

This podcast makes me so nostalgic for my middle school era. The two hosts Mo and Christina break down all the cult classic teen hits from the early to mid 2000s from the entire high school musical franchise to Aquamarine and The Clique. And let me just be the first to say some of the movies that hit differently when we were kids do not hold up that well going back to it as an adult.

Emani Powell

Purdue '22

Emani is currently a senior at Purdue University studying mass media communications and minoring in film and video studies with the hopes of becoming an entertainment journalist. In her free time she loves to read, bake, and binge any tv show that is currently trending.
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