5 Places to Volunteer in West Lafayette

For those who are new or returning to West Lafayette and want to find a way to learn more about and interact with the community, volunteering is one of the best ways to do it. Volunteering offers you the chance to meet new people and learn about the community all while helping those around you. Here are just a few great organizations to get involved with in West Lafayette.


  1. YMCA

Sadly, this is not an organization that cherishes the hit song by Village People, but it is a great institution that strives itself on strengthening communities, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and aiding in the development of young minds. You can help raise funding for your local YMCA, coach a sports team, or just go for a pick-up basketball game. The YMCA offers endless volunteer opportunities!


  1. Planned Parenthood

Are you someone who wants to help fight for women’s rights? Planned Parenthood is the place for you. Contrary to many beliefs, Planned Parenthood helps women with more than just abortions. Women can receive help with birth control, STIs, pregnancy, and even just health in general. You can volunteer to help inform others of the great things Planned Parenthoods do by flyering, helping in protests, raising donations, or just simply making phone calls.


  1. Big Brothers Big Sisters at Purdue

This organization is geared to helping the youth of the Greater Lafayette community. As a participant in this program you will be able to make a positive impact on the life of a young child by becoming their Big Brother or Big Sister. Not only are you a mentor, but for some children you could be considered family to them. While interacting with your little sister/brother, you will also be fundraising for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization. One thing to keep in mind before becoming involved in this organization is the time commitment. You will be required to spend a certain number of hours with your little sister/brother each week so if this could potentially be an issue for you, this may not be the organization for you.


  1. Natalie’s Second Chance

This next one is a staple on the Purdue Campus. Natalie’s Second Chance is a local, non-profit dog shelter. Here, students have the chance to interact with dogs and cats that are just looking to find a home. They can feed them, wash them, play with them, and walk the dogs. This is a great place to volunteer because you are not only giving some much-needed love to some animals, but also you can have a place to take a break from a long day of classes and work and destress.


  1. Purdue Immigrant Allies (PIA)

This last group is on campus, making it easy to get involved in. Purdue Immigrant Allies (PIA) works to get students and residents in the Greater Lafayette community involved in standing in solidarity with immigrants and raising awareness to issues that many immigrants face in the United States. PIA helps immigrants know that they are not alone and makes them feel welcome, safe, and appreciated. If you want to become an immigrant ally and help fight for their rights in the United States, then this organization is a good fit for you.