5 Date Ideas for You and Your S.O

In the spirit of Valentines’ Day sweeping us off our feet yet again, I have compiled a list of  (both over-the-top and low-key) date ideas for you and your S.O, you and your not-so-significant-casual-fling, you and your friends (Galentines Day is alllll the hype this year as it should be), or you enjoying your own company because self-love overpowers all.   

Valentines’ Day has always been a big deal to me – even as a kid, I’d buy stuffed bears for my parents and grandparents for no reason whatsoever, leaving them very confused about a gift they can neither reject nor put to good use. I grew older and my first boyfriend asked me out on Valentines’ day, I was over the moon. Eventually, even after the very painful break up in seventh grade, it became even more special to me, thanks to romantic comedies and books and the mere idea of it - roses, candies, and just pure love all around.

An entire day dedicated to love. Overrated, maybe. Over-commercialized, definitely. But why give in to the pressure, the fear, the negative aura associated with Valentines’ Day, when you can make Valentines’ Day what you want it to be – a fancy dinner with scented candles, a Netflix-and-chill night, a cry-over-romcoms night, a relaxing bath, or a night of burning your exes’ memorabilia (which I do not recommend).  


So wear something red/pink, get yourself or someone else flowers and/or candy, and plan your perfect date!  


1. Ice Skating 

As a hopeless romantic with an undying love for clichés, I can’t imagine a more romantic night than one full of snowflakes in your hair, intertwined hands, and music. And honestly, what’s not to enjoy about watching the love of your life fall on their butt, inevitably dragging the other down but you’re too busy laughing to feel the pain. However, make sure not to imitate Harry Styles in the Night Changes music video no matter how tempting it looks:  

2.Amusement Park 

Amusement parks are absolutely enchanting (yes, I teared up the first time I went to Disneyland) and bring fairy tales and fantasies, and everything you loved as a child, to life. Grab your special someone and brace yourself for a day of magic and fun. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy amusement parks, I mean who doesn’t like roller coasters?!?! Even if, for some reason, you despise them, there’s so much to do at an amusement park! 

3. Cook a Meal Together (it’s a bonus if you’re both bad cooks) 

This is coming from someone who has miraculously gone nineteen years without cooking a single meal (who knew following a recipe could be so hard?): cooking/baking dates, although a fire hazard, are special nonetheless – it could either end with a really good meal and a successful dinner date or a hilarious memory of a spectacular mess-up.

4. Check out Local Artists/Open Mics/Comedy Shows  

Support your local artists’ community! Go to a gig of a band you’ve never heard of – a concert experience with a loved one is always special.  Go to a comedy show for a night of laughter or an awkward silence in-between jokes accompanied by pity laughs. If you’re in the mood for some spoken-word poetry, head to an open mic and aggressively and admiringly snap your fingers after every line.  

5. Recreate the First Date 

Recreate your first, or second, or third (whichever both of you hold closest to your heart) date –embrace how far you’ve come as you find yourselves in the exact same coffee shop where they made your heart race for the very first time - the moment you knew they were going to be in your life for more Valentines’ Days to come. You cannot go wrong with this one, and it might even become a yearly tradition. 

6. Weekend Getaway 

Valentines’ Day falls on a Thursday, which is close to Friday, which is close to Saturday. So, pack your bags and escape to a brand-new place and pretend to forget about reality for two days of exploring, stargazing, road-tripping playlists, getting to know more about each other, getting lost in unfamiliar streets, and having the most epic weekend. Before you know it, it’ll be Monday morning and the weekend will feel like a beautiful dream you’ve abruptly woken up from.  

7. Bowling 

Again, coming from someone who is the absolute worst at any kind of sport, bowling is a fun, casual date full of mercilessly making fun of each other, playful cut-throat competition, music, and endless laughter. I don’t know what it is about this kind of dates, but it almost always ends in you and your S.O getting closer than you were before the intense game.  

8. Book Date 

Not the most romantic evening in the book but it will certainly make your bond stronger if both of you are bookworms. Head to a book store and buy a book for each other without telling the other the title. Sit alongside each other by the window on a rainy day and read in silence. Lose yourselves in the words and forget about everything and everyone else in the world – all that exists in that moment is you two, and your books. Once you’re done with your respective books, talk about why you liked (or loathed) it and why you picked the books you picked.