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3 Ways to Stay Organized (Virtual Learning Edition)

The transition into online learning has been a big change for students across the country, so finding ways to stay organized both academically and personally is more important than ever. Although, with a new format affecting almost every aspect of student’s lives, staying organized and on task can be quite challenging. This semester I have found a few tips that have kept me both organized and on top of my deadlines. Here are some ways how!

Get a planner you find effective and enjoyable

At the start of the school year, I always make sure to spend some time to find a planner that has a layout that I find useful with a nice pattern that I enjoy the looks of. This planner becomes vital to my daily life, because I make sure to write down all my homework assignments (which can be challenging to find as it is, on the new online platform) and all my meetings I have for the week.

Set reminders on your phone, iPad, laptop, etc..

Especially while spending the majority of the day on technology, I find setting reminders on my electronics can be a helpful way of making sure I meet deadlines and don’t forget any zoom meetings. This can be easily done on phone “calendar” apps which can effectively set the reminder for the rest of the semester, or simply set a reminder/ alarm at the time you want to ensure you remember to be prepared for the necessary task.

Keep only what you need

By having both a clean workspace physically and a clutter free virtual workspace, staying organized can be a breeze. Old papers and documents can get in the way of present classes and assignments, so clearing out your desktop, downloads, or wherever you store files virtually or physically can be beneficial.

While virtual learning can make life busy and disorganized, it doesn’t need to be! Hopefully these tips can help you have the best semester possible despite the challenges being faced by college students.

Katelin Bauer is a Junior studying Psychological Sciences with a minor in Law and Society. She is originally from Wisconsin growing up in the Milwaukee area. She enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, baking, and spending time with friends.
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