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3 TikTok Fashion Accounts You Need to Follow

If you are like me, you are absolutely obsessed with TikTok. It has honestly become a problem at this point, but I justify it with all the valuable knowledge you can gain from the app. From recipes to my personal favorite, fashion inspo, there is so much you can learn from the 60 second clips. Here are a few of my favorite fashion accounts that you need to follow ASAP!

Lindy Goodson (@the_real_lin_shady)

I absolutely love Lindy! Her energy is contagious, and she puts together the most unique outfits. I would explain her aesthetic as girly-maximalist. She wears a lot of fun, bright colors mixed with bold prints. I also love the way she accessorizes with fun headbands and chunky necklaces. Her hair is also incredible and always styled to perfection!

Andie (@andoej)

Now although I am a little biased since we share the same name, Andie is such a fashionable queen. I adore her style and the way she dresses. She has this effortless class that is enviable. She was also responsible for the TikTok trend where people would put together the outfits they would wear to different designer runway shows. She does a lot of fun, unique videos and her One Direction obsession is an added bonus.

thenavarose (@the.navarose)

I love this account because she is soooo fierce and confident in her Tiktoks. Her outfits are always so trendy and fun. She kills every trend she participates in! Her makeup is also always perfect. I love watching her videos to keep up with the latest fashion trends and see what is popular.

Andi Baker is a Campus Correspondent and Senior at Purdue University, majoring in Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics with minors in Management and Art and Studio Design. Originally from Manila, Arkansas, Andi loves to drink sweet tea, read, and make art. You can follow her on Instagram @andibaker
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