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3 Simple Ways to Make Any Outfit Stand Out

Dressing cute and fashionable doesn’t need to be a challenge, nor does it require purchasing an entirely new wardrobe. Here are a few simple ways to make a big statement in your outfit, which only require a few pieces.

Gingham Pants

Black and white gingham pattered pants make any outfit look more put-together. They can be a super comfy legging material or a thick jean material for a classier look. I personally like pairing them with a thick sweater and my Doc Martins for a warm winter look.

(Thick) Gold Chain Necklace/ Jewelry

A bold piece of jewelry can easily make a simple outfit more fashionable. Specifically, a larger gold chain necklace will enhance outfits by making a statement, while having a simple design. Additionally, jewelry is often quite versatile, so it is a staple to have in your wardrobe.

Leather Material Clothing

In the cold months, a pair of black leather pants goes great with many outfits. It is a fashionable but also wearable material that isn’t usually an everyday wear for most people. Although, it is a great thing to have when you want to dress up a little more. In the warmer months, a leather skirt is a great option, as well.

Fashionable outfits don’t need to be complicated, or extremely expensive. Having a few staple pieces such as bold pattered or leather material pants can be an easy and fun way to spice up your wardrobe.

Katelin Bauer is a Junior studying Psychological Sciences with a minor in Law and Society. She is originally from Wisconsin growing up in the Milwaukee area. She enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, baking, and spending time with friends.
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