3 Places to Go When You're Stuck in Indiana Over the Summer

Summer is almost here and that means it’s time to think up of summer plans. If you’re going to be in Indiana over the summer and have no plans, don’t worry because there are more things to do then watch corn grow. Here are a couple places to go visit and have fun at over the summer.

1. Holiday World

Holiday World is a theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana. It’s about 3.5 hours south of Purdue and has roller coasters and water rides with different seasonal sections. In the humid temperatures, Holiday World would be the perfect place to cool off with free drinks.

2. Turkey Run State Park

If you’re looking for another place to cool off, check out Turkey Run State Park. I went canoeing there and it was a lot of fun but definitely a work out. There are different hiking trails and it has the Rocky Hollow Falls Canyon Natural Preserve which has the only waterfall in the park.

3. Indiana Dunes National Park

Indiana Dunes just became a national park in February and is the only national park in Indiana. It’s the closest thing to an ocean view in Indiana. This can be a good getaway from the typical Midwest scenery. There are a ton of things to do like fishing, hiking, and lounging in the sand.


Let us know if you go to any of these places and what you thought!