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The 2020 Presidential Election: What it Holds for the Future

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Purdue chapter.

This week has been stressful to say the least. However, I am hopeful because we are getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving, and I’m able to go home for the first time in months! The election, up until now, has given me tremendous anxiety.  A part of me just wants to know what will happen, but I am also nervous that it is not the outcome that I want.  I am a reporter for the newspaper at my university, so I am very invested in the election, but I know that it is also important to take some time to step back and reflect.

The country has been extremely divided, and it only grows more and more in separation.  I thought that after the events of this year, more people would have clarity on the situation and change their minds.  I am proud that most of our generation has a good idea of what they want their next leader to be like.  I feel like people are tired of the constant issues that are being brought up and the rising unrest of those that are oppressed by the system.

No matter who wins the Presidency, I know that it will not be fixed just like that.  It will take more than one leader to fix the state of a nation.  Everyone must do their part, but it is difficult to unite millions of people under one ideal.  We are all different and grew up with contrasting backgrounds, and we can only do our part in educating others.

I am proud to be part of such a strong group of young women in HerCampus that are campaigning for Biden.  More importantly, though, so many women have stepped out of their bubble and spoke out on issues they have been holding in for a long time, and women are powerful more than ever.  It is crazy to think that 100 years ago was the first-time women could vote, and I’m happy to say that I was a first-time voter this election. 

To summarize, the election is unpredictable.  The winner of the election will have their own policies and say, but it is up to us to do what we can individually to create change.  Finally, women are on the rise more than ever, and our voices do matter.  I have hope that one day, this country will not be as divided as it is, but this only comes with time and initiative. 

Public health student with a passion for words and making change. (She/Hers) IG: @tredzzzz