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As a collegiate woman, I think I speak for all of us when I say Halloween is our time to SHINE!
If fun fall festivities didn’t put you in the spooky spirit, this list of costume ideas is sure enough
to get some ideas sparked on how to stand out from the crowd this Halloween:

Dorthey from the Wizard of Oz – make it the whole cast if you have a crew tagging along!

Lola Bunny – or add her partner in Space Jam for an amazing couple’s costume!

Dolly Parton – who wouldn’t love this pink country queen?

London Tipton – but do you have the sass to match? This costume also provides a great group opportunity!

Bridgerton character – every girl’s jaw dropped when Bridgerton released on Netflix, so let’s live out the most epic childhood dress-up dream this Halloween!

Monster High – you can do this one alone, although if you have a group of fun friends (plus if they have colored hair) joining, you will be sure to make a grand entrance!

Tommy from Rugrats – you are guaranteed funniest person at the party

Debbie Ryan – your choice from Radio Rebel to the remake of 16 wishes, but be sure to break out the iconic Disney knees

Lava Girl – and I guess Shark Boy would make a decent addition to this costume

Medusa – the snake headpiece can be hard to acquire, but it makes the most stunning Greek god on Halloween!

Mermaid Man – and/or Barnacle Boy to the rescue!

Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka – this might be my personal favorite (and a wonderful cast opportunity)!

Halloween is what you make it, but make sure you make it FUN! This list is just the beginning of
endless possibilities. Costumes can be anyone or anything from food to cartoons to actual
people! Let your own creative juices flow and be the spotlight of this 2021 spooky season!

(she/her/hers) Junior @ Purdue University with a major in Hospitality & Tourism Management and a double minor in Event Planning & Meeting Management and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies As a part of Her Campus, my goal for this organization is to give women something to resonate with. Through content on all aspects of a collegiate woman's life, my contributions to Her Campus will help further build a safe, fun, & welcoming foundation for women everywhere.
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