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DO’s and DON’Ts of the Purchase Romance

Finding romance on a college campus can be tricky, and us Purchase-goers have seen first hand what works and what doesn’t. It’s okay if you slipped in front of your crush in Starbucks, or if you texted that cutie you don’t know... thirty times. We’re willing to look past that. We’re all looking for the same thing.  So, here they are some DOs and DON’Ts of Purchase love.

DO make yourself available! Sitting in your dorm, listening to Motown, and being a hopeless romantic will not result in a lover. Go out and show yourself off around campus.

DON’T text while you’re out with someone, said junior Andrew Holowczak. “It's a sign of disrespect and also shows plenty about your character and social skills." The last thing you want is for your potential boyfriend or girlfriend to think you’re not interested. Give them your full attention!

DO be yourself. Our motto here is “think wide open," and our students do just that. It doesn’t matter if you’re into different music, or have different hobbies than others, you’ll be free of judgement, and you’ll find someone who wants you for you.

DON’T be too forward. Everyone loves confidence and someone who knows what and who they want, but don’t come on too strong. Remember, you’ll probably have to see this person at the library, on the mall, in the mailroom, in class, at the dining hall, etc.

DO something to show your crush you care. "Hardly anyone at purchase ever gets meaningful mail,” said senior, Mike Lambert. “Grab a box, some craft paper and string, and wrap up a package filled with notes for your love interest. They're guaranteed to appreciate it.”

DON’T reveal too much too soon, neither physically nor in conversation. Leave your crush with some mystery, and keep them wondering when they’ll see you again, what you’ll talk about next, and what you look like in your underwear.

DO get off campus with your guy or girl. You need more excitement in your relationship than can be offered on the quad. There are tons of things do in White Plains and the Westchester area. Not to mention, ‘tis the season for apple picking and carving pumpkins.

DON’T spend all your time at school with your significant other, said sophomore Lindsey Steinberg. “You're guaranteed to grow sick of them sooner rather than later."

DO go on library dates with your love. This way, you can be socially, romantically, and academically productive all at once.

DON’T get too caught up. If you find yourself obsessing over your loved one, you might lose sight of not only your school work, but your own needs. Put yourself first.

DO make eye contact, as often as possible. Making eye contact with the beauty in your literature class you’ve been checking out can spark a conversation, and maybe even a relationship.

With all the cuties on campus, you’re bound to find someone to try these tips out on. Let’s put our dating mishaps behind us and start fresh. If you want to find love at Purchase, or on any campus, get out there and do it.

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