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Cyndel Maria Hernandez

1. Hometown: Bronx 

2. Year and Major: Freshmen & Lit Major. Want to be a Creative Writing major though and minor in Lit.

3. When I was little I wanted to be... I just wanted to always work in a pet shop lol
4. Favorite Band: I don't have a favortie band I just usually like 2 or 3 random songs from random bands. But my favorite rapper is EMINEM :D

5. In a partner I look for... Oh man this is a difficult one. I think the number one thing for me would be someone who understands. Doesn't jump the gun, doesn't prejudge, doesn't assume. They listen and understand. Honesty would of course be great too, definately essential for a relationship to survive.

6. Bet you didn't know... I'm the youngest of 6. Three boys, three girls :)

7. My favorite part of Purchase... Place? The library or my room.

8. Hub, D-Hall, or Terra Ve? Dhall!!! Especially breakfast at Dhall!

9. Outside of class, I like to... Go to the gym and starbucks. I realize those two probably don't compliment eachother all that well lol

10. What are you going to be for Halloween? I will be myself! Originality is key! :)

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