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Carl Ackley ’13

1. Hometown: Shoreham, NY 11786

2. Year and Major: Sophmore and a half, Traditional Music Composition Major

3. When I was little I wanted to be… Most people wanted to be doctors or astronauts, but I wrote in my 5th grade yearbook Iwanted to be a composer :)

4. Favorite Band: Well if I have to choose a band, I’d be boring and say the Beatles. But my heart belongs to Rachmaninoff <3

5. In a partner, I look for… Well, eyes and smile make me melt, but anyone who can play an instrument or sing makes my heart miss a beat.

6. Bet you didn’t know... That I can stick both feet behind my head – but can’t get them unstuck…

Christie is a sophomore journalism major at Purchase College in NY, but she’s a Jersey Girl at heart. When she isn’t studying (or being sarcastic), she spends her summers selling crafty jewelry on Long Beach Island and making coffee for her superiors at Parker and Partner’s Marketing Resources. She’s a sucker for debates, sushi, and a really good book. Her dream job (this week) would be at the Village Voice, but she’d be happy with a byline and paycheck. She hopes to make HerCampus bigger and better than ever at Purchase and is excited for the chance to work with these lovely HC ladies.
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