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Zodiac Signs as Characters From Friends

So no one told you life was gonna be this way! Find out what character from Friends matches your zodiac sign – who knows, you might even find your TV double!


Aries: Monica

You’re ultra competitive and a bit of a perfectionist, but what else can be expected from a wildfire sign like you? You have a huge heart and are most likely the mom of your friend group – which isn’t bad at all because, much like Monica, you always know how to handle a situation.


Taurus: Carol

You’re brutally honest about how you feel and you’re not very good at sugar coating the truth – especially when it comes to letting down Ross. But once someone enters your life, you’ll always love them and wish them the best. You always tell the truth, and you’re not one to hold grudges. Much like Carol and other earth signs, you always know what’s best for yourself.


Gemini: Janice

You’re loud and proud, to say the least. You’re good-natured and, much like Janice, you would never hurt a fly. Sure, you’re a big personality – but that’s what makes you so unique and loveable.


Cancer: Emily

You’re impulsive and very open with your emotions. You fall in love easily, which isn’t shocking when you think about Ross and Emily’s fast paced relationship. On top of that, you don’t fear change and are ready to leave at any moment. You are 110% run by your emotions.


Leo: Richard

You believe in protecting and serving those around you – sounds a little like a doctor, right? Much like other fire signs, you don’t let anything stop you from getting what you want – including your age, which in Richard’s case is not so great. You’re charming, and boy do you know it.


Virgo: Mike

You’re a practical person, so you would never turn down the opportunity for a free meal – even if it means going on a blind date with a stranger’s friend. You’re super reliable and honest, which is probably why Phoebe ending up marrying him. Mike is also played by Paul Rudd – and who doesn’t want to be Paul Rudd?


Libra: Ross

Much like Ross, you’re a hopeless romantic. You fall in love at the drop of a hat, and you’re a bit clumsy and gullible. But let’s face it – that’s what makes you so loveable.


Scorpio: Joey

Just like Joey, you’re passionate and exciting. You’re also one hell of a charmer, although your charms may not work all the time. You also tend to jump from relationship to relationship and can be a huge flirt.


Sagittarius: Rachel

You’re a bit spoiled, and some might say blindly optimistic – but ask any of your friends and they’ll say you’re one of the nicest people they know. You’re straightforward because you know what you want and you always go for it. Whether it’s leaving someone at the altar or entering the fashion industry, you give every life decision your all.


Capricorn: Chandler

You’re a big goofball who’s loved by everyone – just like Chandler! What you lack in luck you make up for in ambition. You always put your best foot forward, no matter what aspect of life you’re facing.


Aquarius: Phoebe

You’re honest, loyal, and – above all else – original. When it comes to your hobbies, you’re extremely passionate and don’t care what people think about any aspect of your life. That’s what makes you such an authentic person who everyone loves to be around.


Pisces: Gunther

You’re friendly, likeable, and – let’s face it – you’re able to put up with a lot of BS from those around you. You’re easily influenced by your environment, which can be a good or bad thing, but this can lead to Pisces spilling secrets or making someone’s day brighter.


Did your favorite character match your sign?

Hope is currently a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University, where she is majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Theatre.
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