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Your Zodiac Sign as the Grinch Characters’ Aesthetics

We all know that NBC recently put on the live action production of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” with Mathew Morrison in the starring role. Though this was traumatizing for many, it got me thinking about all the different variations of this story. From the two different animated iterations to the two live action performances, there is a lot to unpack. 


You’ve got to give it to Dr. Seuss' wild imagination and the producers in Hollywood's apparent love for the big green guy, because each one brought its own special touch. Each character has a very unique style, so here is your Zodiac sign if it were a Grinch character's decor aesthetic.


Aries’ gung-ho personality would be most akin to a character that is not only demanding, but also very motivated. 


The Aries’ Grinch counterpart would be the man himself: the Grinch. Though his style is grungy, it says a lot about his controlling personality. Aries would thrive in that black lace robe while going over their daily schedule.


If you have not yet seen the animated version of “The Grinch'' starring the iconic Benedict Cumberbatch, it should be at the top of your list this season. 

Don’t miss out on seeing the adorable reindeer named Fred, who perfectly embodies a Taurus. Being that he is a nature guy, he may not physically own any decor, but he’s still pretty stylish — just like a Taurus.


The Gemini’s decor aesthetic matches up best with the Grinch’s moms. Those two crazy ladies may not have been the best fit in raising the green menace, but that does not mean they were not serving looks. Not only were their decorations on point, but who can forget about their serving trays. 

Geminis tend to go for quirky pieces — like the iconic santa cookie plate — so these women are prime examples of festive Geminis.


Sweet little Max is the poster child of a Cancer; all he wants is love from the Grinch. 


In the animated version, he even decorates his space with pictures of them together. Like a Cancer, Max loves his space to be comfy and cozy; a good place for a good cry.


Nothing says “life of the party” like Mayor Augustus Maywho; the man is literally made to be the cheermeister. Leos are all about showing off some color while flaunting their luxuries. Mayor Maywho is one and the same: his aesthetic screams expensive.


Virgos are the perfectionists of the group, and there is no better aesthetic than Cindy Lou Who’s mom, Betty. Betty’s main goal is to beat Martha for the best Christmas lights, but as we have seen, Martha takes the win. Virgos pay attention to the small details like Martha — they are the perfect pair.


Libras are focused on how everyone else is feeling, and they care a lot about their relationships — a lot like Bricklebaum from the animated film. Despite all the Grinch’s criticisms about his decked out house, Bricklebaum focuses on the festive cheer the holidays bring. 


Libras try to look on the positive side of things, and what better exemplifies this than going all out on Christmas lights like Bricklebaum?


I would like to sincerely apologize in advance. Scorpios can be very mysterious and misunderstood, which is why their decor aesthetic would match best with Matthew Morrison. 


I’m not talking about Morrison as the Grinch, but rather Morrison himself. No one really knows what’s going on up there in his brain, but at least he can bust a move. Scorpio’s style includes a lot of dark accents, similar to the dark soul of Morisson.


Donna Lou Who, the mom of Cindy in the animated film version, is a powerful, single mom who is on top of her kids while still having to deal with her own life. Just like a Sagittarius, Donna loves to express her style through colors. She is always looking for a new adventure, just like a classic Sagittarius.


Martha May is the epitome of boujee, making her the perfect match for Capricorns. 


Capricorns are all about elegance and grandeur, similar to the insane house Martha May lives in. Her Christmas light gun says it all. She pulls out all the stops, just like a typical Capricorn.


The young version of the Grinch likes to keep to himself, just like an Aquarius. They are all about doing their own thing, which is reflected in their simplistic style. 


The young Grinch sees the beauty in the small things — like his homemade gift for Martha May. They both enjoy alone time while gravitating to their shared love of the color green.


Cindy Lou Who, without a doubt, is a Pisces. Her pink accents, love for others, and wild imagination says it all. Pisces’ style reflects their happy-go-lucky personalities, just like the little star of the movie. Cindy’s one intention is to bring everyone together, while still showing off her interesting and unique style pieces.

Merry Grinchmas, collegiettes!

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