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Would You Be Able To Erase the Last 6 Months From Your Life?

As everyone is fully aware we have experienced something like never before within the last six months. We are currently living through a moment in history that will be remembered forever. If you do not recall what I am talking about I am referring to the life we are living now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our lives have completely changed compared to one year ago today, before this pandemic zoom, masks, and social distancing were not common words we heard everyday. Everyone is going through the same mindset right now with learning how to change their lives to fit this new normal we are forced to face.


I saw a question recently that made me really think about the answer and it made me want to write all about it. The question is ‘ Would you erase the last six months from your life?’. If you were able to wake up the day before we were put into quarantine and have everything stay normal would you do it? Everything that has happened throughout this pandemic will be erased from your mind. This includes the people you met, the memories you made, the things you have learned. This is a tough question to answer. 


When I saw this question my immediate response was no. I would not want to erase the last six months of my life. Although this pandemic has hurt so many people and changed our lives forever. I realized I am not the same person I was six months ago and I do not want to go back to being that person. This pandemic has taught me so much that I want to keep implementing in my life for many years to come. It is true, we will never be able to get back the time we lost but if this never happened we would be living completely different realities. 


This may not be the same response that others will answer when they see this question. What I realize is that everyone handles change differently. Back in March when this was all still very new to everyone this was a hard transition to have. Remote learning is not easy. Long Distance friendships are hard to maintain. Spending everyday with the same people is very difficult. Staying in the same place for long periods at a time can be draining. These are all still very true to me. As time went on I found a routine and I was still able to make many amazing memories throughout the past few months. 


I found my passion for writing again, I started focusing on both my physical and mental health, I grew my relationship with both my siblings and parents. These are all positives that came out of this pandemic for me. I did miss college, I missed walking to class, I missed going to dinner, I missed New York City and the fast pace life we used to live. I know someday we will be able to get back to this but right now I am okay with life and living each day focusing on myself. This is what quarantine taught me and I would not take back this time for anything.

I am a Junior at Penn State studying Public Relations with a minor in Digital Media Trends and Analytics. I love fashion, food, and anything beauty-related which can be found a common trend throughout my articles.
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