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Why your vote matters

With the presidential election nearing on November 6, every political Twitter trend is being exhausted, debates are being sparked, and the nation is at a divide. When November rolls around, will YOU know who to vote for? No, I don’t mean knowing the difference between a republican and a democrat, I mean knowing which candidates are running and how they stand on each issue.

Excuse #1: I have no clue where to start. “Rock the Vote” is here to lend a helping hand. Last Wednesday, students stood outside between noon and 4 p.m. at Eisenhower Auditorium to get free tickets to the “Rock the Vote” concert series that featured Jack Johnson, G. Love and Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO). The traveling concert event began at 7 p.m., ending around 11 p.m., with music performed by the various artists, and included free giveaways for the students who attended. Since its founding 21 years ago, “Rock the Vote” has helped 5 million young adults vote nationwide, increasing the awareness of voting importance and recruiting volunteers. Their sole mission is to aid teens and college students like us to recognize why it is important to vote.

Excuse #2: I feel my vote doesn’t actually count. This is exactly whom the campaign is trying to reach: the newest generation of young adults who make up 25 percent of the voting population, according to medinaems.org. Since most of us will either be graduated, graduating or entering the real world within the next couple of years, the presidential winner will make decisions that affect almost every part of our daily lives. Today, women make up approximately 51 percent of the population; more than half the population. By voting, you’re making the choice to voice your opinion on key issues that will most likely affect you. Maybe child care and a healthy environment isn’t your choice issue to vote on, but your personal safety and economic security is something that should always interest you.

“Your vote does count,” junior Carolyn Hoffman said. “As a women studies major, I think it’s important to vote so that you can actively be involved with how your country is run and the decisions your government makes. We have to remember that our great grandmothers fought for us to have the right to vote.”

So, whether you’re voting as a republican or as a die-hard Obama fan (or you’re still upset about Ron Paul not being a candidate for this year’s election) come November 6, make your way to the voting stations.

Excuse #3: I don’t know where to vote. On campus! Stations will be set up in either Alumni Hall or Heritage Hall (depending on the size) in the HUB between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. What more could you ask for? All you need is your political opinion and an acceptable photo I.D., which includes your driver’s license or even student I.D. (under the new law, voters are required to show acceptable government issued I.D. with a valid expiration date). You don’t even have to dress up; trust me, I’ll be rolling in wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt to make my mark on United States history.

Will you?

For more information on “Rock the Vote” or how to register, click here!

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