Why You Maybe Shouldn't Get A Dog In College

I have loved dogs all of my life, and I mean, who doesn’t? They are constantly loving and reliable, not to mention adorable. I remember trying to convince my mom for years to buy one, and she finally caved. Now, in college, I am extremely tempted to get a puppy of my own. Fortunately (for the dog) I have come to realize that right now is not a time in my life where I should own one. Here are a few pointers that might help you come to the same realization, or encourage you that you are ready for a puppy!

  1. 1. You Don’t Have A Lot Of Space 

    Depending on the size of the dog you want to get, a lot of room is most likely going to be needed. If you have a small apartment, or you don’t feel like you have enough room for the dog to roam comfortably, then maybe getting one isn’t the best idea.

  2. 2. You Don’t Have The Time Necessary 

    Dogs, especially when they are puppies, are a huge time commitment. You have to watch them, let them out, feed them and walk them, among other things. If you go away a lot, or aren’t able to sacrifice the time to provide your puppy with everything it needs, then maybe you should wait until you do have the time.

  3. 3. Your Roommates Aren’t On The Same Page

    A dog won’t just be confined to your personal living space, the whole house will be involved. If you have roommates that aren’t interested in having a dog, or possibly are allergic, then a dog might not be right for you.

  4. 4. You Aren’t Thinking Down The Line

    If you get a puppy, he is your constant companion for the next 10-20 years. Make sure you think ahead to the future, and are positive that you can make a commitment to your dog.

If you feel as though none of these apply to you, and you feel confident that you can provide a happy life to your puppy in college, go for it! For now, I’ll be hanging out with my neighbors dog, and counting down the days until I feel like I can handle my own.