Why We Shouldn’t Skip Thanksgiving

Ah yes, it’s that time of year. When October 31st comes to an end, and we begin taking off our ghoulish or sexy Halloween costumes and taking our decorative pumpkins down, a drastic transformation awaits at 12:00 a.m. on November 1st. Almost like a switch, people will instantly abandon their fake ornamental skeletons and replace it with Christmas ornaments and mistletoe. Everyone knows that as soon as Halloween ends, Christmas begins. However, we all seem to be forgetting about one very important holiday stuck in between the two that receives little to no recognition: Thanksgiving. Too many times we have repeatedly skipped this holiday, and it deserves more than that! There are several reasons why we should not skip Thanksgiving, and simply give it a little more recognition before we start immediately putting up those lights and Christmas trees. So, take the time to learn why we should all start giving Turkey Day just a little more respect.

Now, the most obvious reason people tend to ignore Thanksgiving is because of its placement. So many people look forward to spooky season in October and the Christmas season brings just as much -- if not more -- excitement as Halloween. In the midst of all the intense eagerness for the two celebrations, Thanksgiving sits and is completely lost in the chaos and neglected. Of course, Thanksgiving is definitely the more subtle of the three holidays with the lack of decorations and there really aren’t any costumes that can be associated with Thanksgiving, unless you’re willing to dress as a turkey. But, in my opinion, the subtlety of the holiday makes it even more special. We have blocked out a day on our calendar for families to come together and share with one another the things and people they appreciate most. Something so simple, yet so beautiful. Yes, the same can be done on Christmas Day with your families, but without the craziness of having to buy last minute gifts for others and spending so much money on a tree and a ton of wrapping paper. Thanksgiving is a holiday that dedicates an entire day to family time and showing love and appreciation to others.


Although Thanksgiving is skipped by a majority of people, the singular reason why most seem to look forward to the holiday is simply the food! The food, depending on who is making it, rarely disappoints. Baked mac & cheese, turkey AND ham, yams, sweet potato pie and so much more. I know everyone eats different foods during this holiday and it usually varies depending on an individual’s culture or preferences within the family. There are certain dishes that families make that I will probably never have at my Thanksgiving. Like green bean casserole… but I’m not sure why anyone would choose to eat that on such a great holiday. Regardless, there’s always something for anyone to enjoy. Also, visiting other houses on Thanksgiving is a chance to expand their palate and learn more about popular meals that coincide with another’s cultural background. Learning WHILE eating food? Quite an amazing opportunity if you ask me. Besides, eating good food with people you love is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Also, having leftovers for about a week is an amazing bonus. So in addition to giving thanks to those around, one is able to indulge in a rather large and flavorful meal. Unless there’s green bean casserole. Then you have no choice but to throw the whole plate away. Seriously. Stop.

Family, food and giving thanks. There is absolutely nothing more that one could ask for. If you couldn’t tell, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’ve created some of my favorite memories around this time of year that I simply wouldn’t trade for the world. Thanksgiving is just as important as Halloween and Christmas, and it should not be overlooked because of the major holidays surrounding it. Thanksgiving should be celebrated and appreciated, because the holiday is all about celebrating and appreciating the ones or the things you love. Christmas will have its time everyone, don’t worry. But, I think we should allow Thanksgiving to shine up until the day is over, then feel free to go crazy on Black Friday shopping for Christmas presents. Until then, let’s try to respect our November holiday for as long as we can, and look forward to the celebration with our families and friends. Happy Thanksgiving, loves!