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Why Raven Ross from “Love is Blind” Is a True Role Model

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Everyone who has watched Season three of “Love is Blind” knows and loves Raven Ross, who is commonly seen in her signature Pilates fits. Even if you did not watch the show, you may have seen Raven across YouTube and TikTok sharing different Pilates workouts and standing up for herself in her different relationships. 

One lesson I learned after watching “Love is Blind” Season three is that Raven Ross is a true girl-boss, and here’s why:

She posts free pilates workouts on instagram

Raven’s YouTube Channel (PilatesBodyRaven) has a plethora of Pilates-style workout videos which are readily available for anyone to watch and follow. Her videos are all about 45 minutes or less in length, making them perfect for people with busy schedules. They also range from the most basic to most advanced fitness levels; essentially, anyone can do her workouts, all you need is a clear space. 

Raven shares her own stories and motivation throughout the workout, keeping the audience engaged and inspired to continue until the end. I’ve tried some of her workouts myself and have to say that they are a lot harder than they look! 

Here is one of my favorite workouts from her YouTube Channel:


she doesn’t gatekeep her favorite beauty products

Raven has hosted several live streams on her YouTube and other various social media accounts (such as Instagram). During these live streams, she either does a live Pilates workout, unboxing videos or Q&A videos. 

Recently, she has hosted several live streams where she has shared her favorite skincare products, haircare products and nutritional supplements with her followers. Although I haven’t tried any of these products myself, I’ve seen many of them gain quick popularity across the Internet! Check out her Amazon Store here.

she shares her favorite workout gear with the world

During her live streams, Raven also shares her favorite workout clothing and equipment. She adds everything she shares to her Amazon Store so anyone can find and buy it! This is perfect for anyone who wants to complete her workouts that require more equipment, are looking for equipment recommended by a licensed professional (since she is certified in Pilates and Barre) or wants to find good quality equipment at affordable prices. 

She recently hosted an Amazon Live live stream in which she shared her workout essentials, these links are all also included in her Amazon Store!

she is an honest and loyal friend

Throughout “Love is Blind” Season three, Raven’s screen time was edited in a way that made her look more stand-offish and selfish than she is. Throughout Instagram (and in the season’s one-year-later reunion episode), however, Raven is shown to be a supportive friend to all the women who she met and bonded with in the Pods. 

For example, when Zanab is having a rough spot in her relationship with Cole during Season three, Raven is one of the people who tells her that she must put herself first and she cannot let anyone treat her badly. She also offers similar support to Nancy when her fiancé (Bartise) exhibits similar behavior. 


She stands up for herself in her own relationships

Throughout Raven’s time on the show, she got engaged to SK, and made it all the way to the altar until he ultimately said “no” to their marriage. According to the show, the reason SK said “no” at the altar was because he did not think his busy schedule as a master’s student would be fair for Raven as a newlywed couple.

Even though they didn’t get married, the couple continued to date. Then, he re-proposed to her after the end of Season three in the after-the-altar episodes. 

Raven later revealed, however, that SK cheated on her in the one-year-later reunion episode. As a result, she decided to break off their relationship. This was not the first time that Raven stood up for herself in this relationship. During the show, Raven was very clear on what she wanted, from the financials to the living situation to how their relationship would work with all of SK’s travel. 


Overall, Raven is a prime example of a role model because she is a strong, smart and confident woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself, even in the most difficult situations. She is one of the most honest celebrities I have seen on the Internet.

Almost everyone can relate to her: either through her trouble finding great men in her life, or through her choosing to pursue her passion as a career choice and finding ways to make a living from it.

Although I am incredibly excited to watch the new season of “Love is Blind,” Raven Ross will forever be my favorite participant from the show. 

Christina is a second-year student in the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State. She is studying Telecommunications & Media Industries and Spanish. Outside of Her Campus at PSU she participates in Mock Trial, Caliente Dance Company, Empowering Women in Law, and is working in her first internship with Health Promotion and Wellness at Penn State.