Why Parks and Rec is Better Than The Office

In an era where many Tinder bios set to Dwight Schrute quotes or occupations are “Assistant to the Regional Manager,” “The Office” has become a phenomenon among college students and millenials. 

But, I’m tired of Tinder boys saying they’ll be the Jim to my Pam. What about the Ben to my Leslie? Or the Andy to my April? 

Even though “The Office” has reached mainstream popularity since being added to Netflix, I strongly believe the similar sitcom/mockumentary “Parks and Recreation” remains far superior. Here’s why. 




  1. 1. A strong female protagonist


    Michael Scott may be ridiculous and quirky, but Leslie Knope is ridiculous, quirky, funny, smart, and strong. She is relatable yet inspiring as she follows her aspirations of making a difference within local government. 

  2. 2. Quirky relationships 

    I agree that Jim and Pam are a great couple, but they don’t even come close to Leslie and Ben, Andy and April, or even Ann and Chris.

  3. 3. She encourages being politically active

    Leslie Knope’s passion for government, specifically local government, is enough to make me want to vote and be politically active in my own community. What does “The Office” encourage again? 

  4. 4. A better cast

    No explanation necessary. Amy Poehler is a goddess. 

  5. 5. It’s funnier 

    Sure, this one comes down to personal taste, but I have always found the humor on “Parks and Rec” absolutely hilarious, while “The Office” is mediocre at times. 

  6. 6. The serious moments hit harder emotionally 

    I’ll keep this spoiler free (for when all of “The Office” fans inevitably decide to watch “Parks and Rec” solely because of this article), but I think “Parks and Rec” leads to a stronger connection with the characters, which makes the emotional moments much more impactful than that of “The Office.” 

  7. 7. Lil’ Sebastian 

    Yeah, let me know when Dunder Mifflin has a Lil’ Sebastian, whose death is worthy of a song 5,000 times better than “Candle in the Wind.”