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Why It’s Okay to Not Go Out

On any given night, you can find me doing any number of things. My roommate and I sing karaoke, watch Disney movies, color, do homework, clean, do laundry, make food; pretty much anything you can think of.

I have been at Penn State for almost a month now, and honestly I am proud to say I have never been to a party. I never went to one in high school either. I. Hate. Partying. And I think that’s okay. I don’t need alcohol, drugs or loud, sweaty groups of people listening to weird music to have a good time; in fact, I think it’s pretty cool to stay in. I know that makes me sound a little off, but it’s my genuine opinion. There are so many different things that I would prefer to do instead.

There are plenty of people on campus who don’t want to go out; my roommate and I are two of those people. Since we don’t go out, we’re always in our dorm room, and honestly that has been one of the best things for me. I’m pretty far away from home, so finding a friend in my roommate has been imperative to my happiness. We’re at the point where we do everything together. Cleaning, doing laundry, homework, karaoke – we even shower around the same time. It’s been so much fun getting to know my roommate and it makes me feel a million times better about not going out. There’s a whole community that lives in Beaver Hall that is dedicated to keeping drugs and alcohol out of their lives and it’s awesome.

I feel like my education is benefiting too. I study more and work harder when I focus exclusively on my end game of Dean’s list. I feel more motivated and more relaxed about everything since I know I’m keeping my focus; it even boosts my confidence.

Staying in is great. I can relax, decorate, sleep, take care of myself physically and mentally, wear pajamas all the time, study, and generally be very happy. I am confident in my choice not to go out, and if you do, that’s cool too. But always remember that there’s plenty of fun waiting for you in your dorm room when you want a night to relax.

Allie Bausinger is a Penn State University graduate who majored in Print/Digital Journalism with a minor in English. She is from "outside Philadelphia," which in her case is Yardley, Pennsylvania. Allie is looking for full-time employment in writing, editing, fact-checking, podcasting, and other areas of the journalism and writing fields.
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