Why I Wasn’t A Fan of Rory Gilmore In The Gilmore Girls Revival

Growing up I had always looked up to Rory Gilmore. She always had a relationship with her mother that everyone fantasized about. She always had a good head on her shoulders coming from a single parent household, never afraid to be herself, going to an Ivy league school while having the cutest boys obsess over her in all of Stars Hollow. She was someone any young girl looked up to, until she became an adult.


I agree that Amy Sherman Palladino made Rory Gilmore close to perfect in the original series, and she hadn’t ever gone through much of a hardship before, but in nine years she went from perfect to a hot mess.


She is ‘the other woman.’

Now don’t you think this intelligent, young woman who has made this mistake before would have learned to not have sex with her ex-boyfriends while they are IN A RELATIONSHIP OR MARRIED. I have always been team Logan, but have never been a fan of cheating in order to be with him.


Those kind of relationships never work out for the other woman even if you are committed to the plan, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’ Early on, anyone could tell Rory still had feelings for Logan despite the fact that he is engaged. She has an instinct to call him whenever something happened, good or bad. I also do believe Logan truly loves Rory but is not brave enough to leave his fiancé. Rory knows better than this, he is charming, but is not worth the sneaking around to never get what she truly wants and once had with Logan. Come on, Rory you know better.


She didn’t realize what she had right in front of her, career wise and love wise.

She was a natural at Chilton; it made me remember the Rory that we all loved in the original series. She was a natural with the head master, professional as always and inspirational and relatable with the students who looked up to her. She kindly rejected the job, while the viewers know that if the show continued, her book would do phenomenal and she would eventually settle down in Stars Hallow (with her family?) and become a professor at Chilton.


Now, this series has many ways of coming full circle and the fact that Jess and Rory are just friends now and Jess is there for her career wise, giving her the idea of her book, makes me believe that they are meant to be together. Which is similar to Lorelei and Luke and their story. As we all know Jess still has his eye on Rory since they were together. Of course Rory thinks they are just friends and doesn’t realize that a person who has always loved her since the moment he saw her and has been there for her is right in front of her inspiring her next career move.


She acted like she was everything.

I overall thought she acted like she was a better journalist than she was. She acted too confident in getting the job when she went for an interview at Sandy Says, that she didn’t even have a pitch for. What 32-year old who has never really had a stable job does not have an elevator speech? What 32-year old also falls asleep during interviews, and somehow sleeps with her sources wearing a super hero costume.


I had high hopes for Rory Gilmore as an adult. I think she needs a reality check and what is better than that than a little baby to rock her world.

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