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Being from New York, I didn’t know what THON was until I came to Penn State. I never realized how overwhelming and important it is to the Penn State Community. Attending my first THON, I was amazed to see how it impacts so many kids and how dedicated students are to the cause. Being a part of a large organization, I was also able to see what we have specifically done to impact these kids’ lives.  

I didn’t realize I wanted to dance until after I went to my first THON. My roommate and I have always stayed extra hours and tried to stay for as long as possible. We would dread going to take a nap and would be excited to get back to the BJC. After being there for three years, we both realized that we wanted to independently dance.  

We stayed for over 40 hours at THON last year and we realized that we can do the full 46. I left the Bryce Jordan Center once, to go do other THON activities in the HUB. I didn’t even sleep at all and it was difficult, but I lasted through the final four and it was worth it. The emotions you see and feel during these last four hours are unforgettable. I kept thinking about what it must feel like to actually be on the floor with the kids, looking up at everyone cheering you on. 

During our last THON, my roommate and I both cheered each other on, bumping music and playing games.  We knew we would be the best pair to try to independently dance and would help each other out through the final hours of standing. Roommates, sisters, and best friends; we can’t wait and hope to be on the floor in February for the whole 46 hours.  

I am overwhelmed by how dedicated everyone in the Bryce Jordan Center is to THON and I want to be a huge part to THON, by being one of the dancers that everyone is rooting for, while we all root for the kids. I haven’t been heavily involved in THON, but I have been there every year standing for as long as possible. This year, I finally hope to be one of the dancers looking up at where I was the past three years.  

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Grace Catlett is a senior at Penn State University where she is pursuing a Public Relations major with a minor in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management. Since her freshman year, she has been very involved with her sorority, Delta Gamma. She was the director of social events for Delta Gamma and loves event planning! While she loves social media and public relations, her dream job is to become a wedding planner. She also loves fashion and is a TV show enthusiast.
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