Why Everyone Should Keep a Journal

Do you remember your first diary? Remember running home from school to fill it with everything that happened during the day, like how Jessica said that her American Girl doll was better than yours because hers was from the 2007 collection? Then, after scribbling down the ugly words you wish you’d said to Jessica, you’d stash your diary beneath your mattress and lock away the key.

I had diary just like that once, one that I refused to write in unless I used my pink fluffy pen. It lasted a good ten years, and I’m pretty sure I made my last entry right before the beginning of my freshman year in college.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been overwhelmed with school, work, relationships, or all of the above since starting college. Sometimes, it can get so stressful that you don’t know what to do. We all need an outlet to our emotions, and journaling is one good way to do it. Here are some reasons why everyone should keep a journal:


1. You’re allowed to over share

I’m not the type of person to bottle up my emotions. I do the opposite, actually, and often end up running my mouth to anyone who’s around to listen. But, this doesn’t always help because, for one, I end up spilling too much information, and two, not everyone wants to hear about my problems all day long, especially when they have their own to deal with. So, if you have trouble opening up or if you open up too much, a journal is the perfect place to do it. It feels good to let your feelings out knowing that the only other person who’s going to ever see it is you.

2. You feel so much better

It was about a month ago when I finally went to the bookstore in the HUB and purchased a journal. It was something that I had been debating for a while, since I keep almost everything electronic. I didn’t want to spend money on a physical book when I could easily write everything down in my computer. But, the problem was that my computer wasn’t as personal. When I write on paper, it’s a lot easier for the words to flow than staring at a screen. It’s up to personal preference, but for me, buying a hard copy was the better decision. When I journal, everything that’s on my mind transforms itself into words on paper. I don’t overthink what I say because it just flows. A journal entry can last a few pages before my hand starts to cramp, and after everything’s said and done, I feel good. It’s like the weight of the day has been lifted off my shoulders.

3. You witness yourself grow

I’m still upset at the fact that I lost my pink princess diary after coming to college. There was ten years’ worth of information in there. When you journal, especially for a long period of time, you can always look back and see how far you’ve come. You can go back to the times you laughed, cried, and made the memories that are now a living part of you. My favorite part is reading about situations that I thought I’d never overcome, and seeing how I did it - it’s really empowering.

4) It’s fun!

Pulling out my journal, I still get the same rush of giddy excitement that I did when I was 8-years old. There’s just something about having that one secret thing that only you have access to. It’s become a pastime that I look forward to after a tiring day. The best feeling comes when I turn on my favorite playlist and write beneath the firefly lights strung over my bed. When you journal, seek out your go-to comfort spot, and all of the day’s stress will melt away.


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