What Your Laptop Stickers Say About You

Disclaimer: This is all a joke and should not be taken seriously.


Everyone loves laptop stickers. They are a cute way to personalize your items and show off your likes and interests. As I was scrolling through RedBubble, it got me thinking — laptop stickers can also be a way to decode someone's personality. I decided to put my theory to the test by asking my gracious fellow Her Campus writers if I could take pictures of their laptop stickers and write what I thought it said about them. Here are the results: 

  1. 1. Laptop Number 1

    laptop stickers

    You went onto the trending page on Red Bubble and picked a bunch of stickers you thought were aesthetically pleasing. This says that you probably like to go with the flow. Bonus points for the “Litty Titty” sticker — that one definitely didn’t come from the trending page.

  2. 2. Laptop Number 2

    laptop stickers

    You’re from Philly or outside of Philly and really want people to know. You also are politically active as shown through the “I voted” sticker and the “Rise Up” sticker, and you probably have differing political views from your parents. You have definitely argued with a teacher or another student about politics in front of the class. The John Mulaney sticker says you have a good sense of humor though.

  3. 3. Laptop Number 3

    laptop stickers

    The dog is a representation of your personality — you are energetic and fun. The anchor says you’re grounded, or you couldn’t fit another sticker on that spot of your laptop.

  4. 4. Laptop Number 4

    laptop stickers

     You claim “The Office” is the greatest comedic masterpiece of all time and have rewatched the entire show (including the seasons after Michael left) at least 4 times. The “Nasty Woman” sticker says that you’re a feminist and you have probably been to a women’s march or have wanted to go to a women’s march. The “Mouth Breather” sticker insinuates that you are quirky and like to stand out.

  5. 5. Laptop Number 5

    laptop stickers

    You are a sorority girl as evidenced through the “Delta Gamma” sticker, but you are not the stereotypical sorority girl. You would consider yourself edgy (the Mac Demarco sticker) and don’t care if your laptop has a theme. I don’t believe any of your stickers were on the first 2 pages of trending stickers on RedBubble, so you put effort into finding what stickers go on your laptop. That means the stickers you pick are ones that represent your personality.

  6. 6. Laptop Number 6

    laptop stickers

    I’m going to be totally honest, I have no idea what the outlet sticker says about your personality. The fact that you went to RedBubble and typed in “Outlet” is impressive enough on its own. Congratulations, I’m stumped.

  7. 7. Laptop Number 7

    laptop stickers

    You are extremely basic and believe that wearing crocs is a personality trait.  The stickers on your laptop make it seem like you are together and a go-with-the-flow person, even though that couldn’t be further from the truth. You spent way too many hours looking on RedBubble for stickers that say you go to Penn State without the sticker explicitly saying “Penn State.” This is my own laptop.

This concludes my decoding for now. Until next time, collegiettes!