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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Shoes are some of the best ways to show off your personality. With so many brands to choose from, they are a popular aspect of fashion that will continue to be influential. The shoes you wear can say a lot about your personality and how you like to express yourself.

Some love to wear cool and vibrant shoes, while others prefer function over fashion. Whatever brand you love to wear, shoes are a great way to give people insight into who you are.


If your go-to shoes are Vans, you like to keep it simple. You are constantly on the go and need a shoe that fits your active lifestyle. Most people who wear Vans either wear them for skating or just for the style of them, there is no in between. If you specifically sport the checkerboard Vans, you probably went through a VSCO girl phase back in 2019.


If you own Birkenstocks, you also might have gone through a VSCO girl phase. But in all seriousness, you are all about comfort and versatility in a shoe. You also love nature and exploring. Summertime is also your favorite season and as soon as the weather gets warm, you immediately whip out your Birkenstocks. You also style your Birkenstocks with your favorite anklet and oversized t-shirt.

Nike Air Force 1

If your favorite shoes are Air Force 1s, you definitely pair them with all of your outfits. You probably keep it simple with your style, but love to make a statement with the smaller details of your outfit. Those shoes are probably practically glued to your body and are probably dirty with how often you wear them (guilty as charged). But they are a great shoe that will go with every outfit, and you know that.


You don’t like to play it safe fashion-wise. The more out-there your fit is, the better. You have also been a dedicated crocs wearer since the early 2000’s. You are spunky and like to live life spontaneously. I bet your Crocs collection is extensive, and you probably have a large collection of Jibbitz to decorate your Crocs for every occasion. You are probably the funny one of your friend group and have an arsenal of jokes.


Just like with Crocs, you definitely have been a loyal fan of Converse for a very long time and have an impressive collection. You have a pair for every event and are waiting for them to become big again. You are a very punctual person and prioritize organization. You love your Converse because they are the perfect “basic” shoe, and you don’t see yourself ditching them any time soon.

Doc Martens

You like living on the edge. Your fashion taste is avante garde and people go to you for fashion advice and inspiration. You are also a master at thrifting, and I feel like you own a lot of succulents. You might be more on the introverted side and value your independence. Your favorite season is probably the fall because it is when you can where your beloved boots. All in all, you are super cool, and everyone knows it.

Your shoes might not say everything about your personality, but they can give a preview into who you are. All in all, flaunt what you love fashion-wise.

Sierra Cucciardi is a junior at Penn state majoring in Journalism.