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What Your Favorite Christmas Song Says About You – Part One

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

Disclaimer: As you can probably guess, this is not scientific. At all.

This article is not based on any psychological research or real personality tests. This is just the opinion of a certified Christmas music lover who starts blasting Christmas music at midnight on October 31st. All Christmas songs are wonderful and good and each person’s favorite song displays to me a different, wonderful and good personality. Without further ado, here is what your favorite Christmas song says about you.

“Cold December Night” – Michael Bublé

You are a romantic through and through. Your favorite part of Christmas is getting bundled up for a romantic date of driving around and looking at Christmas lights. Hallmark movies are a yearly staple for you. You love watching an incredibly well-dressed couple fall in love underneath the mistletoe. You love love, and there’s nothing more romantic than getting a significant other for Christmas. As Michael Bublé so beautifully croons, you want someone to kiss you on a cold December night.

“Little Saint Nick” – Beach Boys

Even on Christmas Eve, you’d rather be on the beach. You’d take warm sand and palm trees over snow and evergreens any day. In fact, right now you’re probably dreaming about spending Christmas in a lawn chair watching the waves roll in while you eat your gingerbread cookies. You have a relaxed personality, you’re probably a dog lover, an athlete, and/or the friend everyone goes to for advice. This Christmas, I hope you get a one-way ticket to the beach of your dreams. Soak up that sunshine. Winter in Pennsylvania is rough. 

“Rocking Around The Christmas Tree” – Brenda Lee

You love your family and friends more than anything else. You love laughing and spending time with all the incredible people in your life and you’ll be the first to lead them in a dance around the Christmas tree. You especially love the warmth and togetherness of Christmas. You carefully plan out each and every gift early in the season and wait eagerly for weeks to see the look on your loved ones’ faces when they open your carefully wrapped presents displaying all your love for them. This Christmas, I hope you feel all the love that you give out year-round. You are an incredible person and even if the ones closest to you forget to say it, they deeply appreciate everything you do for them. 

“When Christmas Comes To Town” – The Polar Express

You’re nostalgic. You miss Christmas as a kid, watching “The Polar Express” in the living room and making a huge mess while you munch on a candy cane. This Christmas, remember that it’s okay to let yourself be a kid again. College is tough enough as it is without depriving yourself of the little joys. Jump on the bed, rip open presents like a maniac, eat too many sugar cookies, watch all the old Frosty and Rudolph cartoons, and just let that childlike joy of Christmas take over. You’ve earned it. 

“All I Want for Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey

You are the fun, extraverted friend. You’ll always be the first to start dancing in public if your favorite song comes on, you’ll raise your hand in class without second guessing yourself if you have a question, and you’ll happily scream along to Mariah’s high note at the end of this ICONIC Christmas song. You have a great sense of style that is uniquely your own, you love bright colors, and you’re confident in yourself and your decisions. Life is a party and you’re going to enjoy every minute of it. This Christmas, I hope you flirt, dance, eat, drink, and laugh it up to your heart’s content. Enjoy every minute of it (like you always do). 

“Last Christmas” – Wham!

You’ve had your heart broken before, but you’re an optimist and a hopeless romantic. You are hopeful about the future despite your difficult past, a trait that should be admired. You’re strong, kind, and have learned from the pain of the past. This Christmas, I hope you find someone worthy of that incredible heart of yours. You are resilient and beautiful. Never forget that. 

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – Michael Bublé

The majority of my Christmas playlist is Michael Bublé, so only putting him on here twice was a bit of a struggle. You have a warm, loving personality that just seems to envelope everyone around you. Just like Michael Bublé’s voice, you can melt even the coldest heart. You might be considered the “mom friend,” the one who is constantly looking out for others and who always has the bag full of helpful tools and products you’re more than willing to give out to anyone who needs them. Your generosity and kindness IS the spirit of Christmas, and people love you for it. 

“Santa Tell Me” – Ariana Grande

You are a modern person. You’re always just ahead of the latest trends, you listen to the hottest new songs, have the latest technology and the best clothes. You’re smart, fun and enjoy soaking up everything that today’s world has to offer. You know that youth is fleeting and you’re going to enjoy every minute of it. You have the prettiest Instagram feed, the best TikToks, and a snap score that’s absolutely through the roof. You may not have as many followers as Ms. Ariana Grande herself, but you’re getting there. Cheers to you making the best Christmas content this year. We already know your decorations are going to be the most extra

“Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” – John Lennon and Yoko Ono

You are a peacemaker. You’re a kind soul who wants everyone around you to be happy. All you really want this Christmas is to get through a family dinner without any tension or fights. You truly believe in bettering the world around you through selfless acts of kindness, you really are the best kind of person there is. Never let the world change that about you. 

“Santa Baby” – Eartha Kitt

You have taste, and expensive taste at that. You can take care of yourself, but what’s wrong with asking Santa for a little bit of help? You have a bit of a flirty personality and a love for fashion. Your toxic trait is thinking you need everything you want, including a yacht, the deed to a platinum mine, a ring, and a ‘54 Convertible too (light blue, of course). 

“The Christmas Song” – Nat King Cole

You are a traditionalist. Christmas for you is all about time with family spent around the fireplace. You love Christmas traditions and there are some you never miss: making sugar cookies, going to a yearly Christmas festival, attending church on Christmas Eve. Whatever it is, these traditions are an integral part of Christmas for you. You believe family is the most important thing and the best way to preserve memories is to carry on family traditions for the generations to come to enjoy. You love spending time with your grandparents, listening to stories, and studying your family history.

“Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” – Elmo & Patsy

You are the friend at the party who can always make everyone laugh. Whether it’s a funny impersonation, an outlandish story about your grandma getting killed in a reindeer collision or a simple punch line, you manage to put a smile on everyone’s face. 

A freshman studying Pre-Law Education and Public Policy at Penn State University.
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