What Kind of Spring Breaker are You?

Spring break season is on it’s way and I can definitely predict the possible trip you are going on. From a laid back relaxing week to a crazy memorable week with your friends, the variety of trips is endless.  If you won’t be on one of these trips, then I can’t think of where you might be going.


All inclusive international trip

This is a popular option for sophomores and juniors who haven’t exactly turned 21 yet.  This person is probably going with a group of friends and can’t wait to get tan and dance.  From Mexico to the DR, there are unlimited all inclusive resorts to go to. It’s a little pricey but that’s what our parents are for!  You’re probably going to meet other college kids and forget about anything else. You definitely love going to concerts and are a very outgoing person.  You are also most likely going all out on this trip and going on a booze cruise. If you’re not this person and you’re going on this trip, you better be careful!


Runaway vacay trip with significant other

This person obviously has been dating their boyfriend or girlfriend for at least a year.  You might not be over the drinking phase yet but want to celebrate spring break with your significant other.  You definitely are very close with your significant other to the point that you are over the basic crazy spring break trip.  Your significant other probably feels the same way. From a romantic getaway on an island to a trip to Disney World, you guys are going to be spending time only with each other.


Post 21 American Trip

Last spring break you definitely went international…and now this year you are finally 21! This person definitely loves to have fun and is overwhelmed with the crazy amount of places to go for spring break.  Somewhere in Florida is probably where you are going and you might either be staying at a friends place or staying in a hotel. All inclusive or not, you will be spending a lot of time at the clubs and bars.  You are probably a senior at this point and are definitely leaving a few days early before classes even end. You are a little washed up but still want to have fun and are trying to make the best out of your last spring break trip.  If you’re realizing now that you are only going to Florida because it’s warm and as a plus you’re 21 than watch out cause you’re in for a wild ride.


Abroad Trip

All your friends are abroad and what’s better than visiting them for spring break! This person probably went on a crazy spring break trip last year and now that their friends are abroad, what’s better than going to Abroad Fest! You are a junior and are of course going with a huge group of friends only to visit your one or two friends abroad.  You are probably going to Barcelona for Abroad Fest and have definitely been talking about it non stop for the past two months. You are probably leaving super early to go and are most excited to drink bottles of wine out in public. If you’re just going to sight-see and travel then I’d avoid Abroad Fest as much as possible!


Netflix and Chill Trip

This person ended up having no spring break plans and is going home to relax.  You have some ideas on what shows to binge watch and definitely have a goal to finish at least one of them.  Either you aren’t a crazy spring breaker or your plans fell through last minute and now your’e stuck hanging out with Netflix.  You also could potentially be a freshman who might have been behind the game to figure out a spring break trip. In the end, you will definitely be coming back from break bored AF and wanting to see all your friends and not watch Netflix for the next month.  


Work Break

This person is broke and just wants to gain some extra money during this break.  You might have a seasonal job at home where you can work some days over break or might help out at your parents’ business to gain some extra cash.  You are either severely broke where you need the money for bars and school or you had no plans and thought it would be convenient to make extra money while you can.  You definitely aren’t a big spring breaker and will probably be watching a lot of Netflix as well.


Visiting other college’s trip

Your plans definitely either fell through or you have had some big idea to visit your best friend for Mardi Gras in New Orleans as a popular example. You want to have fun and are very close with your friends from home. Your parents might not have let you go to Mexico or another island and your backup plan is to visit a friend that has a different spring break than you.  You are probably spending half of the week with your family and then visiting your friend on Wednesday or Thursday. You definitely want to have a fun spring break but maybe would rather go home and see your family for a bit and then see your high school friends who you are still super close with.  Whether it is Mardi Gras or just a random college you are visiting, you and your bestie are definitely going to have a fun time. And maybe your friend is thinking of visiting you during their spring break!


Family Trip

You either are super close with your family or your family is forcing you to go on a vacation with them. This person definitely wants to be somewhere warm to get tan and also goes on a lot of vacations with their family…at least three a year.  You definitely have a large family and go on this vacation with your parents, siblings, cousins, etc. Your sister that graduated two years ago is definitely taking off of work for this annual trip and you and your siblings might even be bringing your significant others on this trip! Your family definitely is going to a family friendly resort and you will probably be going to the bars with your cousins and siblings while the older folks stay back and hang on the beach with the younger children.  You only see your cousins on these annual trips so you are definitely excited to see them again…unless you are on the family trip where your parents booked it without telling you.


Stay at School trip

This person might live far from home and doesn’t want to put in the effort to go home to hang with their family.  You might have some homework to catch up on because your teacher decided to make a test on the week after break. You also might just not be a big spring breaker and would rather relax in your apartment for the week. You are probably excited to catch up on sleep a lot too.