What Is An "Angel Shot” and How Can it Come to Your Rescue?

Picture this — you are swiping through Tinder and you match with someone cute. You hit it off and they ask you out for a drink. 


You meet at a bar and you both Uber there. At first you’re having a good time, but as the night goes on, they start getting handsy and you’re not feeling it. They insist on taking the “fun” back to their place and will not take no for an answer. 


You need to get out of there. You may have established a safety code with one of your friends, but your date keeps staring over your shoulder at your phone. 

In this case, the bartender could be your safety net. When most bartenders are trained, they are made aware of dangers in the bar scene and how to discreetly interact with someone in this type of scenario.  


One of which is through a request for an Angel Shot. 


 How and When to Order The Angel Shot


There is no alcohol in an Angel Shot, it’s not even a drink. It’s an emergency signal to let the bartender know you feel unsafe. The context in which someone asks a bartender asks for an Angel Shot is vital. There are three ways to order it, and they each have different outcomes.


1) Angel Shot Straight (or neat, straight up): The bartender will find someone to safely escort you to your car. 

2) Angel Shot on ice (or on the rocks): The bartender will get you an uber or lyft.

3) Angel Shot with lime (or with a twist): The bartender will call the police for you. 


What if the bartender is unaware of what The Angel Shot is?


In this case, politely ask them to look it up for you and throw in an extra tip for them. As soon as they put it in their search engine, it’ll come right up and they’ll know what to do. However, most bartenders should be trained in this safety tactic. 


Use your best judgement when you feel uneasy on a date. If someone is making you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Better safe than sorry. 


Memorize these lingos, share them with friends you trust and please stay safe.