We Need To Talk About Steve Harrington

Warning: Contains Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers.


Have you finished watching the second season of Stranger Things? If so, I bet you were struck by a certain character’s incredible character development.

That’s right - I’m talking about everybody’s favorite babysitter, Steve Harrington!

Way back in season one of the popular Netflix show, Steve was not the best. He broke Jonathan’s camera and allowed his stupid friends to slut-shame Nancy. Just awful.

By the end of the season though, Steve had sort-of redeemed himself. You didn’t know if you really liked him, but he did help fight the Demogorgon.

So, in the second season when Steve became a literal angel, I fell head over heels.

Suddenly, Steve was the boyfriend who accompanied Nancy to a dinner with her dead friend’s parents.

And Joe Keery’s acting in this scene was crazy good.

But the most important development for Steve was taking on the role of babysitter.

Not only do Dustin and Steve strike up an adorable friendship, but Steve finds himself protecting all the kiddos.

Steve’s redemptive arc was much needed after the positioning of him as the typical popular kid in season one. Building upon the softer side of him, you saw glimpses, and turning him into the de facto dad was heartwarming, especially when you consider Dustin’s lack of a father figure at home.

Basically, Steve Harrington was the Most Valuable Bae of Stranger Things 2, and if you’re not completely in love with him after watching, that is truly strange.