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Ways to Spend a “No Bones Day” That Make You Still Feel Productive

There are definitely days that you wake up and you know that it isn’t going to be a very productive day. There doesn’t need to be any physical indication, but don’t worry, Noddle the Pug gets it.

Tik Tok creator Jonathan Graziano, known as @jongraz on the platform, has posted daily videos of his dog, Noodle. He determines whether or not it is a “Bones Day” or a “No Bones Day” from whether or not Noodle is able to stand up. The thirteen year old pug is either able to stand up on his own, indicating a “Bones Day”, or he he flops back down onto his bed, meaning that the day is a “No Bones Day”. On days where Noodle has no bones, Graziano encourages people to take the day easy, and to not put too much pressure on the idea of maintaining productivity.

However, universities have yet to recognize the validity of “No Bones Days”, and assignments and exams keep coming. So, here are a few tips to make your “No Bones Day” just a bit more productive.

Go Out to Do Your Work (Somewhere that isn’t your room)

One of my favorite places to get my work done is Panera. I love the ambiance, the light chatter and the free refills on their lemonade. Going out on a “No Bones Day” might be daunting, but rewarding yourself for doing the work might be the push you need to get everything done. I have spent many days camped out at Panera, sitting at the table for hours and crossing things off my to-do list. You could even take this a step further and go out with friends. It’s great to have people that keep you accountable when you begin to lose motivation. Sure, it costs more than going to the library, but good food is always worth it and the motivation is another plus.

Pick a Time where you stop doing work (And Actually Stop)

College can sometimes feel like the school day never ends. Even when you’re not in class, you have club meetings, homework and exams that seem to come way too fast. Sometimes, it’s important to make the decision to just close the laptop, put away the textbooks and just relax. Productivity is not a perfect upward slope. It’s about knowing your limits and taking care of yourself when you need to. Recognizing that taking some time for self-care, whether it’s painting your nails or watching trashy reality television, is just as productive as studying. Taking care of your body and brain is essential to maintaining health, and sometimes all we need is just going to bed early to help us get back on track.

Recognize That What You Do Complete IS An Accomplishment

Even if Noodle declares that the day is a “Bones Day”, it doesn’t mean that you’re always going to feel super productive on those days. There are days where you are going to look at what you need to get done and know that it just won’t happen. That’s okay. College has taught me how important it is to listen to your body and know that your best is always enough. Our best can be studying for eight hours straight one day and only getting one thing done the next. It can be frustrating, but sometimes it can be just as great when you spend a day cleaning your room, going on a walk or calling your parents to complain about all the work you have. Productivity takes many shapes and forms, and we shouldn’t knock ourselves down for not following the “typical” path.

Emma is a first year-student from Randolph, New Jersey studying Journalism. When she's not writing you can find her watching Big Brother, listening to podcasts, or calling her mom.
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