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Anna Schultz-Converse And Timbs Gas Station
Anna Schultz-Converse And Timbs Gas Station
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Wawa versus Sheetz

As a Penn State student who is from Northern Baltimore, I had no idea about the Wawa vs. Sheetz debate until coming to school here. 


Growing up on getting Wawa in between field hockey games, I can attest that I am a bit biased. If you ask me for my immediate answer, it would be Wawa. 


But as I asked a lot of friends and colleagues, I found that answers varied. Usually, the gas station picked is the one accessible in their hometown.


When discussing this issue further with one of my fellow sorority sisters, Kathrine Lopez, she stated that Sheetz is good for fried food, whereas Wawa has a broader scope of options. This is something I can support.


When I want a real meal – like a hoagie or wrap – I think of Wawa. However, when I want some late night mozzarella sticks or chicken fingers, I think of Sheetz. 


If you look at my bank statements, you will notice that I visit Sheets at least three times a week. I love Sheetz, but it is the loyalty to Wawa and my hometown that keeps me saying Wawa. 


It is like your hometown sports team. Even if they are not the best, they remain your team. Sheetz vs. Wawa similar in this sense.


When asked which one of the best, most people’s immediate answer will be the one they either grew up on or were introduced to first. It is what they know best.


This is not true in every case, and some people may wonder why this discussion matters in the first place. It is a gas station. However, it is human nature to pick one. People debate over chocolate vs. vanilla, good vs. bad, coffee vs. tea, and the list goes on and on. 


Even if you enjoy both, you will still pick one over the other in the end. And as most towns only have one of them, people are bound to fight over which one is better. 


I see it as a way of expressing loyalty to whichever one they grew up with. So at the end of the day, there is no right answer. Everyone’s experiences are different and will lead them to a different conclusion. 


So who are you to decide which one is better in another mind?

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