Underrated Places For Graduation Pictures At Penn State

It is that time of year. People start rallying their best friends together to take pictures at their favorite spots around campus, in hopes of remembering all the memories that Penn State has gifted to them over the years. However, there can be a few lines to wait to take pictures as people rush to get theirs done as well. To avoid the lines, here are some underrated places that you and your best friends should take some pictures.

  1. 1. In front of your old apartment complex.

    There is no better way to celebrate where most of your Penn State memories were made than one of the places you spent the most time. When you look back at these pictures you will instantly be reminded of your roommates, movie nights and dance parties.

  2. 2. Your favorite library.

    You would not be graduating if it were not for reluctantly hitting the books a few times. Although the memories formed here may not be your favorite, they are the ones that helped you pass your classes. No better way to make mom and dad proud than to show them pictures of you at your favorite study spot on campus.

  3. 3. Your most visited weekend hang out spot.

    Every friend group has a place that they fell in love with around State College. Sometimes you may have spent your time there instead of going to class. But hey, you're about to graduate! So round up your friends and take some pictures at your favorite spot  in downtown State College. It will be something fun to look at when the crew visits it again in 10 years.

  4. 4. At the bloop or whoop stop.

    You have to celebrate the place and thing that helped you navigate your way around Penn State! When you look back at it, you will be thankful for the times the bus took you to class when it rained and snowed.

  5. 5. The IM fields.

    Do you have the prestigious honor of being an IM champion? If so, you should certainly celebrate that honor through taking a picture at the IM fields at Penn State.  

Be proud of yourself! Happy graduation, Collegiettes!