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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at PSU chapter.

Many fashion trends have come and gone for the past two decades, but one has remained: Uggs. No matter how many times these sheepskin shoes would decline in popularity, they somehow always have a resurrection. Many have mixed emotions about Uggs, either saying they are the ugliest shoes they have ever seen or praising them for their comfort and style. No two people have the same stance on them.

Personally, I love Uggs. I had my moments and phases when I thought they were ugly, but as of right now, I think they are with the times and are in. Here are my reasons for why I think that.

  1. They’re versatile

Uggs have proved that they can go with many outfits. From casual to fancy. From pairing them with jeans or leggings, Uggs makes any look possible. They also fit any age range, a rarity in the shoe industry.

  1. They come in many forms

From slippers to moccasins to boots, Uggs has a style for anyone. As years passed by, Uggs molded my personal style. I wrote their long boots at one point, but now that I am older, I like the shorter boots. They also come in many flattering colors.

  1. They’re comfortable

I stand by this statement, Uggs are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. They mold to your feet and keep you warm in the coldest of weather. The sheepskin is soft and is the main factor for their quality. The one bad thing is that Uggs are only really useful in the winter and are put away for most of the year. 

  1. They are now waterproof

In the past, Uggs would get damaged from just a drop of rain. Now, Uggs made their shoes waterproof. I have been waiting for them to do this for years and am so glad that they made this change. They have made water-resistant sprays in the past, but making the shoe itself waterproof is so much better. Now I can walk in the snow with them without the stress of ruining them

  1. They are pretty affordable

While some Ugg models are pricey, overall, they are affordable considering their quality and the materials used to make them. If you go to off-the-rack stores like TJ Max or Nordstrom Rack, you can find Uggs there for half the price.

  1. They last for years

I still have the black Uggs that I have owned since 2013, and they are still in pretty good condition. All of the products I own from them are of excellent quality and still useful. Since the Uggs trend hasn’t died, I can still wear all of my Ugg products and look great doing it.

Overall, I will continue to keep putting Ugg products on my Christmas list each year. I do not see a decline in their popularity coming anytime soon. In fact, I can see their company will flourish with this upcoming winter season. As a college student, I see many people wearing Uggs across campus, and they are a season favorite for many.

Sierra Cucciardi is a junior at Penn state majoring in Journalism.