Turning 22 as told by The Office

My 22nd birthday just passed, and it was the first one that made me feel pretty washed up. There was so much excitement around turning 21 that I forgot it would be the last birthday I actively looked forward to. Who better to explain the feelings of this day than Michael Scott and the employees of the Dunder Mifflin paper company?


1.) Realizing you’re ^&^%*&$*$* old


2.) Being older than most people on your campus


3.) Your friends endlessly making fun of you


4.) Attempting to celebrate but plagued by worries about post-college life


5.) Succumbing to exhaustion at 11:30


6.) Feeling like an outcast with your younger friends


7.) Trying to be excited about your birthday, but just not feeling it


8.) But you need to enjoy the celebration, because afterwards you’ll just be 22


9) Hearing people complain about being underage

So yesterday.


10.) Remembering this is the last birthday you’ll celebrate before the real world starts


11.) But even though you may be washed up, you’re still awesome and 22 will be the best year yet