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The Transformation Of Taylor Swift

Call me late to the game but I have recently discovered Taylor Swift’s Reputation album. I had only heard the radio hits from it before. It gives a whole different vibe than the T. Swift I had grown up listening to. This album is so much edgier than her previous ones where she sung about Romeo and Juliet.

She couldn’t have maintained her good girl image forever, so this was a much needed transition for her. The name of her album even plays on the fact that she does in fact have a reputation for being boy-crazy and not liked after that whole Kim Kardashian/Kanye fiasco.

But this new album has caught people’s attention because it has strayed so much from her usual style. Granted she still sings about boys but in a different, very badass way.

She also released a documentary on Netflix called “Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour” which was compiled from her Reputation tour. This changed the way some people view Taylor as well because it gave a more private look at who she is. It created more press about her Reputation album, another way she tried to change some of the public’s view of her.

I think Taylor needed to become edgier not only for herself but for everyone else to see her in a different way and in a way that says ‘I don’t really care what you think’. I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift for decades and I still am. Love it, Taylor, keep it up. I’m excited to see what comes next.

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